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wausauloner - Fri Oct 14 2011

05:46 AM #
A sad morning out at the Farm Colonies. We had a short memorial service for Lindsey Marie yesterday. Her body was burned, the ashes buried.

05:51 AM #
The bodies of the two cultists responsible for her death are in a ditch somewhere. Dogs might eat the one Jason killed, but not the other.

05:56 AM #
The cultist's bodies were searched, as was the place their minibikes were hidden and the bikes themselves. Meeting later about the findings.

08:52 AM #
The leaders from other allied area survivor groups that didn't stay overnight have arrived. Pete's going to go over what was discovered.

09:15 AM #
It appears the cultists were another one of their two-man scout teams, like the ones I encountered near Lake DuBay last fall.

09:18 AM #
They had the same package of gear: a portable CB rig, really nice camping gear that's light but warm, camo clothes, etc. #zompocalypse

09:21 AM #
They also had a map upon which they plotted information. It looks like they got little eyeball stuff, relying mostly on CB intercepts.

09:24 AM #
A notebook found at the hideout provides further evidence of that: It was full of bad intel based on the fake radio calls Pete's people send

09:27 AM #
Pete is going through the cultists' notes chronologically. They knew about our trip south to get cranberries & deal with The Anomaly there.

09:31 AM #
...But they didn't know much about it. Most of our radio traffic on the matter was on the encrypted law enforcement net. Interestingly,...

09:33 AM #
...They had no idea what we were trying to accomplish at the site of the secondary Anomaly, why we were doing it, or how. #zompocalypse

09:36 AM #
Their notes indicated that the area was "FZ"...Forbidden Zone? ...Well, the cultists DO seem to avoid Wausau and the original Anomaly there.

09:46 AM #
A few pages later, the cultists' notes start to mention the idea of following one of our returning cranberry convoys. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:48 AM #
That idea got shelved when they heard about the upcoming harvest fest. At that point, they came up with a better plan, one worse for us.

09:51 AM #
They figured out they could get right into the heart of the territory they were trying to learn about if they waited for someone to follow.

09:54 AM #
The Harvest Festival gave them the perfect opportunity to mingle with people from every survivor group, learning about all of us.

09:57 AM #
They had two days of notes from their infiltration of the Farm Colonies. On day 1, they were trying to figure out where all the troops were.

10:02 AM #
If they figured out the radio traffic was inflating the Colonies' defenses, their notes didn't indicate it. They had too much info to care.

10:04 AM #
They had managed to work out the locations and size of each of the other allied survivor groups that had attendees at the Harvest Festival.

10:21 AM #
Pete has been reciting the cultists' notes about Lindsey Marie. They were fixated on two facts about her: that she'd been on I39 on Z-day...

10:24 AM #
...and the way in which she sung Ave Maria affected her audience. The spiritual origin of the song may have played a part, too. #zombies

10:27 AM #
They wrote that it was a sign, but also that their leader, Anon, would reward them handsomely for bringing her to him. Evil bastards.

10:30 AM #
They worked out a plan to kidnap her and deliver her, along with a treasure trove of intel about us, to Anon. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:33 AM #
Their greed led to their failure, but we, especially Lindsey Marie, her family, and the outpost watcher who died, paid a terrible price.

11:13 AM #
There's not much finger pointing here after the cultists' infiltration. Everyone knows we've gotten scouts into Reaper territory, too.

01:41 PM #
I'm encouraged by the consensus as the meeting ends: By working together, we're meeting zombie, food, shelter, and other challenges...

01:44 PM #
...By continuing to work together, we can--we must--outlast the Reapers...and surely beat the cannibals, raiders, & any other opponents too.