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wausauloner - Sat Oct 15 2011

06:57 AM #
Still out at the Colonies. Despite the events surrounding Lindsey Marie's death, everyone is back to the hard work of zompocalypse survival.

07:01 AM #
I've decided to hang around here one more day to learn some re-mastered pre-tech methods for preserving food for winter. #zombie #zombies

09:10 AM #
Food preservation methods of the zompocalypse include salting, smoking, canning, and the use of root cellars. Drying is by far most popular.

09:13 AM #
The main reason drying is so popular is that it doesn't rely upon resources we'll eventually use up, like bulk salt or canning lids.

09:16 AM #
They have quite a setup for mass, rapid drying of fruits and vegetables here. A pre Z-day shift worker from a door factory came up with it.

09:19 AM #
Basically, it's a long brick oven heated with low-burning wood fires. Right now, apple slices are going in on a metal mesh conveyer belt...

09:22 AM #
The belt, made from old garden fencing, moves via a pair of bicycles hooked up to a flywheel. The slices come out dry(ish) on the other end.

09:25 AM #
It takes several passes through the drying oven for even thin apple slices to dry out completely, but everything dries eventually. #zombies

09:28 AM #
I'm told it works just like it did back in the door factory when they cured varnish and dried paint rapidly in fancier contraptions. Smart.

12:28 PM #
I'm just now finding out the sauerkraut I brought to the Harvest Festival was quite popular. With young boys. On the day after they ate it.

02:02 PM #
Heading for home. Dropping off Ruth at her house first. Then a quick anti-zombie patrol with Shorty & sleep, if it will come. #zompocalypse