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wausauloner - Mon Oct 17 2011

07:12 AM #
For some time now, my solar patio light traps have failed to catch any zombies. I think the batteries are starting to go bad. #zompocalypse

07:15 AM #
They never did shine throughout the night. I guess now they're not shining very long after dusk. Fortunately, local zombies numbers are low.

09:45 AM #
I've been showing Jason how to make a fish trap the way my grandpa showed me when I was a kid. My old one got washed away. Again. #zombies

09:48 AM #
We've been out here a couple hours. As usual, the waters of the Wisconsin River carried a few zombies by while we watched.

10:58 AM #
Kurt and May stopped by with some apples. They found a tree heavy with fruit at a house they searched earlier today. But something is off...

02:05 PM #
May is pregnant!