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wausauloner - Thu Oct 20 2011

05:28 AM #
There's been no sign overnight of the boat sighted by the Mosinee group yesterday. They didn't see it double back, so it is still nearby.

05:31 AM #
Kurt & I are on watch. May & Sue are in my house, keeping in touch with our allies by radio. Pete and Fort NTC are sending people this way.

06:02 AM #
Jason showed up and is quite excited about the mystery boat. 3 people from Fort NTC arrived, too. 2 more are at the I39 bridge, downriver.

06:31 AM #
Pete and four others from the Farm Colonies have arrived. Everyone is trying to keep an eye on the river, while keeping out of sight.

06:50 AM #
Radio call from our watchers on the I39 bridge: They see the boat. It stopped behind some obscuring trees, just within sight of the bridge.

06:53 AM #
Through binoculars, they saw a man looking up at the bridge with his own binoculars. They don't think he saw them before they took cover.

06:56 AM #
The I39 bridge over the Wisconsin River is still awash with decaying zombie parts left over from the National Guard stand there 2 years ago.

06:59 AM #
I cleared a narrow path through it with a backhoe many months ago, but it is a very unpleasant place. The boatman must be taking it all in.

07:02 AM #
He may also be looking out for people on the bridge, because it is a natural chokepoint for entry into Wausau, more so, post-zompocalypse.

07:31 AM #
Our watchers on the bridge say the boat is moving again, slowly against the current. He's using a quiet electric motor, not the big boiler.

07:33 AM #
Whoever this guy is, he's careful. And resourceful. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:51 AM #
From my hiding spot, I can see the boat. It stopped again near a downed tree in the water. The driver has his binoculars out again.

07:54 AM #
They're not easy to see from the river, but by stopping where he did, the boatman will certainly see some of my anti-zombie barriers.

07:57 AM #
His boat does look very strange. Also somehow familiar. It has a boxy, utilitarian shape with a bulky front section for the engine...

08:01 AM #
The boat has been modified with anti-zombie screens and even steel plate armor. The driver is nearly completely protected by metal cowling.

08:03 AM #
There's a sturdy frame with a flat roof on the back two-thirds of the boat. There are solar panels up on top, cargo beneath. #zompocalypse

08:06 AM #
Mounted on the front third of the boat, in addition to the engine compartment, is the strange retrofitted boiler we were told of. #zombies

08:09 AM #
The boat also has zompocalypse retrofits like spotlights, anti-boarding netting...and are those original equipment headlights in front???

08:12 AM #
It's a duck!

08:15 AM #
This guy must have salvaged a Wisconsin Dells tour duck, modded it up for zompocalypse survival, and gave it a camouflage coat of paint!

08:18 AM #
By now this guy knows someone lives here. I think I'll take a chance & let him know I see him, too. Got my vest on and friends backing me...

09:31 AM #
The boat driver's name is Shawn, & he went through a lot to get here. Why here? Because he was looking for me! I'll be back later with more.

10:53 AM #
It turns out Shawn, the boat driver, is a scout for a whole group of people who'd been living on the Wisconsin River down near the Dells.

10:56 AM #
They'd been managing to keep the zombies at bay just fine until the Rapture's Reapers / Cannibal Gangs war spilled into where they lived...

10:59 AM #
It seems the Reapers & Cannibals are each on opposite sides of the Wisconsin River down south. Shawn's people escaped as fighting approached

11:02 AM #
They left on a fleet of Wisconsin Dells tourist ducks and a few other watercraft, but had to abandon many of those when they left the water.

11:05 AM #
They got away from the Reapers, but they ran into the Cannibal Gangs to the east. They evaded the Cannibals by taking the Fox River NE.

11:08 AM #
They spent most of the last 6 months on or near Lake Winnebago. Recently, they've made contact with other survivors in that devastated area.

11:11 AM #
That area was struck by mundane plagues of old after the zombies wrecked civilization. I talked with survivors there last year.

11:14 AM #
As during my visit, the "medieval" plague survivors kept their distance from Shawn's group, but they made trades and shared information.

11:17 AM #
One of the things they talked about was my visit through that area on my tour around the state last fall, one year after the zompocalypse.

11:20 AM #
Now, a year later, Shawn is doing much the same thing. I think he's legit. All the details he's shared fit with what I learned first hand.

02:32 PM #
Shawn drove his duck up on the old public landing by the Weyerhaeuser dam and parked it outside my walls. He's trusting us. Good sign.