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wausauloner - Fri Oct 21 2011

05:24 AM #
My house is full of people this morning. Many people stayed here overnight. Shawn actually stayed on his duck out on the road. #zompocalypse

06:12 AM #
We split up the area around my home into quadrants and finished an anti-zombie patrol in record time. The recent activity attracted two Zs.

07:41 AM #
Shawn is giving us a tour of his duck. He's made many zompocalypse retrofits that are less obvious than those I noted yesterday. #zombies

07:44 AM #
The biggest changes are added propulsion systems. He has several quiet electric trolling motors in a tandem rig for silent running. #zombies

07:47 AM #
He retained the duck's original diesel engine, but modified it to also accept biodiesel fuels like rendered animal fat and waste grease.

07:50 AM #
What we thought was a boiler over the engine compartment is actually a wood gasification system. He has all these systems for flexibility.

07:53 AM #
He uses electric motors for slow, quiet movement. The diesel engine is for full power situations. Wood gasification is for general use.

08:45 AM #
Shawn's duck has some interesting cargo aboard that he brought along for making trades. He's looking for diesel, so we may make some deals.

08:59 AM #
Pete is making a few token trades, mostly to make it less obvious that local survivor groups are doing better than most others Shawn meets.

10:15 AM #
I'm helping Shawn hang fish filets up to dry from the canopy on his duck. He caught the fish using a drag net behind the boat as he traveled

10:18 AM #
He's been telling me about the group of survivors he's been living & traveling with before going on his scouting mission. About 50 in total.

10:21 AM #
The core of their fleet is other ducks like his, almost all zompocalypse-retrofitted in similar ways. But they use other watercraft as well.

10:24 AM #
The non-amphibious boats they've salvaged are frequently abandoned whenever they change waterways or go around obstacles.

10:27 AM #
When they have time, they do trailer some of their non-amphibious craft around river debris, wrecked dams, and the like. #zompocalypse

11:32 AM #
Shawn's flotilla also includes several amphibious construction barges--big, unwieldy craft that can nonetheless drive on land if necessary.

11:35 AM #
The big construction barges are very useful. First, they came loaded with handy equipment like welding gear, cranes, winches, & generators.

11:38 AM #
...and second, their large decks and huge buoyancy chambers allowed them to become armored cargo carriers and floating living quarters.

11:41 AM #
With strong defenses and a few heavy weapons aboard, those construction barges were the key to fighting off two separate Reaper attacks.

12:54 PM #
Shawn's people nearly tried to make a dash past the Reaper and Cannibal forts along the Wisconsin River to go south for winter...

12:57 PM #
But in the end, they decided it was safer to winter somewhere in the plagues-depopulated Fox Cities and return to the waterways in spring.

02:17 PM #
Shawn told us he got on the Wisconsin from the Fox near Portage, so we told him we just had quite an expedition down south of Plover.

02:20 PM #
He put two & two together and realized we were the ones who temporarily re-routed the channel where it wound through the central sands area.

02:23 PM #
When we told him why, he happily reported that the partial dam we built by driving vehicles into the river has not stared collecting zombies

03:12 PM #
Shawn can't get over the fact that I'm still live-tweeting the zompocalypse. He saw what @ProfPierson, @CarlPhillipsTV, and I did on Z-day.

03:15 PM #
But he seems genuinely impressed & pleased that I'm still doing so, and that all of us in the area are fighting the spread of the contagion.

06:11 PM #
Shawn says he hasn't seen green glows like the original Anomaly up the road, or lesser, secondary Anomalies like the one near Plover--so far