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wausauloner - Sat Oct 22 2011

06:11 AM #
Shawn has offered to take me, Kurt, May, Jason, and a few others up & down the river a few miles to explore areas hard to get to by land.

06:14 AM #
Today, we're heading north...working our way to parts of Wausau we've had to avoid by land because of thick zombie numbers there.

06:40 AM #
We've entered the river just above the ruined Weyerhaeuser dam. The big flood of 2010, that first spring after the zombies rose, wrecked it.

06:43 AM #
The river rushes around & past the remains of the dam, too constricted & fast for navigation. This duck is going to be very handy, I think.

06:49 AM #
We've paused to spike zombies hung up on old logging cribs from a century ago, exposed again now that the river keeps to a narrower channel.

06:55 AM #
Shawn is maneuvering his duck, which seems unwieldy to us, quite nimbly. He gets us close so we can spear zombie heads quickly and move on.

07:15 AM #
We've entered what used to be a wide portion of Lake Wausau, the reservoir that existed here when the dams held back the river's flow.

07:18 AM #
The narrow channel the Wisconsin River now flows in is surrounded by a shallowly sloping basin, slowly re-growing land vegetation. #zombies

07:21 AM #
Here and there are shallow pools of water, the remains of the last time rains here and up north raised the water level temporarily. #zombie

07:34 AM #
Shawn is using three different fish-finders, including one high-end sonar device with GPS (Yep, satellites still work in the zompocalypse)

07:37 AM #
He says he wouldn't travel without them because flood-originated debris hidden under the water is just waiting to put a hole in his duck.

07:40 AM #
Now he's pointing out the different images the fish-finders give him: fish, of course, but also underwater undead, zombie hands reaching up.

09:10 AM #
We've reached Blugill Bay County Park, where a flotilla of early Z-day survivors eventually came to shore when the weather started turning.

09:13 AM #
Those survivors joined up with Pete's original group that had been hiding up on Rib Mountain. Together, they formed the Farm Colonies.

09:16 AM #
The Farm Colonies are the largest & most successful group of survivors in the area. They're close allies of mine. We're going to pause here.

09:19 AM #
Pete has given Shawn the go ahead to look through the remains of the flotilla's watercraft and to take anything he finds useful.

10:39 AM #
Shawn took some spare parts that his group of survivors might find useful, but other than that, the nearly 2-year-old wreckage is useless.

11:23 AM #
We made a quick sweep along the east side of the broad muddy slope of the exposed Lake Wausau basin. Zombies numbers are still high ashore.

11:26 AM #
We are now passing the city airport, discussing the possibility of going ashore to see if the area has changed since my last visit.

11:29 AM #
Many months ago, a crowd of zombies at the fence led me to believe there were survivors inside. I got in, but there were none left.

11:32 AM #
The survivors that had been living there ran out of food, then resorted to extreme measures when carbon monoxide killed some of their number

11:35 AM #
Wracked by their guilt, they threw the remains over the fence to the zombie throngs besieging them, then made a desperate escape attempt.

11:38 AM #
Only a diary left behind remained to reveal what happened. I could find no sign any of them made it. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

11:58 AM #
The duck is parked on the dry basin below the bluffs that used to overlook Lake Wausau. Half our group is in the airport, checking it out.

12:01 PM #
I didn't have the stomach to go in again, having been there once and reading the diary of those who died there. So I'm guarding the duck.

02:10 PM #
The search party is back. They say the zombies on the city-side of the fence around the airport are no longer crowding up to the fence.

02:13 PM #
It looks like either the zombies forgot about the food inside (if they even have memories), or maybe the mob is slowly unraveling.

02:16 PM #
The search party was able to find some fuel tanks--one each of gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel. Some day, we'll come back for the stuff.

03:11 PM #
Taking a quick jaunt upriver to see how far we can get, then coming back tomorrow. It is going to be dark soon so that's about it for today.