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wausauloner - Tue Oct 25 2011

05:58 AM #
We're just underway on our way down the Wisconsin River in Shawn's zompocalypse-retrofitted Wisconsin Dells tourist duck. #zombie #zombies

06:15 AM #
The 1st stop on our southbound tour: Stopping under the I39 bridge. We can smell the heavy stench of blasted, congealed zombie flesh above.

06:18 AM #
The black ooze that drains down to the river from the zombies above, shot up by the National Guard on Z-day, has slowed to a trickle.

06:21 AM #
The toxic stuff has left a trail of dead grass and dying trees where it drips down from the concrete bridge. What the hell is in that stuff?

07:02 AM #
Passing the Weston power plant. Tall piles of coal are visible from the water. Over two winters, the Mosinee group hasn't put a dent in them

07:38 AM #
We've reached where Half Moon Lake and the Mosinee Flowage used to be. The area is full of debris from upstream, deposited by the big flood.

07:41 AM #
Since the river has returned to its wild, pre-tamed state, all that's left of this once beautiful recreational waterway is the main channel.

08:11 AM #
We're meeting up with a couple people from the Mosinee group. Their fortified home is on the much safer, east side of the river. #zombies

08:14 AM #
All of us want to get a closer look of the west side of Mosinee, which has swarmed with zombies ever since a refugee camp at the school fell

09:51 AM #
Shawn is trying to find a way ashore into the west side of Mosinee. We can get up the bank on the east side, but the bridge is barricaded.

10:25 AM #
Shawn found a way up onto shore near a burned restaurant called Cactus Jack's. From here, we can get around Mosinee, but Shawn is wary...

10:28 AM #
Considering the zombie numbers we know are nearby, the duck just isn't a very robust vehicle on land. Zombies could overwhelm it--and us.

10:31 AM #
So the plan is to take a wide loop around Mosinee's west side, then get back onto the river and find a way in and out or two below the dam.

10:34 AM #
I can't blame Shawn for being cautious. He just wants to have a nearby escape route if our recon trip turns sour. #zombies #zompocalypse

01:14 PM #
Getting back on the river was easy, though it took time. The hard part was finding a slope the duck could use to go amphibious easily.

01:17 PM #
We've decided it's too late to do more than test the slope and check out the immediate area ashore, so we'll do that, then call it a day.

02:51 PM #
We are back at the fortified home the Mosinee Group uses for a base. We're going to make plans for a trip across the river tomorrow. #zombie