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wausauloner - Wed Oct 26 2011

05:30 AM #
Our trip across the river is on hold. At first light, it was obvious Shawn's duck has a bad flat. He has spares, but Mark has a better idea.

05:33 AM #
He thinks some national guard vehicles that were left at CWA when the airport was abandoned might have airless, leak-proof tires that fit.

09:23 AM #
We're back from CWA. We found 6 good airless tires that Shawn can use on his duck. He's real glad to have them, with all the debris around.

10:42 AM #
We're putting the leak-proof tires on the duck. We won't have time to cross the river today. Instead, we're touring our hosts' defenses.

11:04 AM #
When I originally met this survivor group that first winter after the zombies came, I called them "The Mosinee 8." There are now 18 of them.

11:07 AM #
They picked up some stragglers from around the area & some refugees from down south, some of which moved on. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

11:22 AM #
This group of survivors has changed home bases a few times, upgrading in size and defensive qualities each time. The current base is amazing

11:25 AM #
From my own construction background, I'd place this home at $2 mill, easy. It's on a ridge, surrounded by trees, south off Happy Hollow Rd.

11:28 AM #
The hill is steep enough to keep zombies from wandering their way up it, and, despite the house's size, it's not visible from the road.

11:31 AM #
So as long as they don't do anything to attract attention, no zombie is going to be persistent enough to climb the hill. #zompocalypse

11:34 AM #
If they do get past a perimeter chain-link fence, a second palisade-style timber fence with a guard tower surrounds the inner compound.

11:37 AM #
The house came with a deep well that worked fine, once these survivors scrounged up a solar system to power it. It even has 3 fireplaces!

12:53 PM #
These Mosinee survivors have been isolating areas around their base, clearing them of zombies, & then expanding the perimeter. It's working.

12:56 PM #
They still try to keep a low profile. Not being noticed by zombies--not to mention raiders--is always the first line of defense.

01:45 PM #
Mark & some others from the Mosinee group took us to an equipment auction yard down the road. It's a repository of useful vehicles.

01:48 PM #
There are trailer-mounted construction light masts, heavy duty portable generators, recreational vehicles, earthmoving machines, et cetera.

01:51 PM #
Between that site and an equipment dealer further down old 51, Mark and the others had plenty of tools to block off the bridge further south

01:54 PM #
Once they did that, the steady flow of zombies coming across it from the fallen refugee center stopped, and things got much safer here.