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wausauloner - Fri Oct 28 2011

05:35 AM #
Now that it's light out, we're looking over what we found yesterday at the Mosinee sewage treatment plant. The guns and ammo are mismatched.

05:38 AM #
That makes it likely they were purposely left behind by those who had taken shelter from the zombies there. Did they all get away? Where to?

05:41 AM #
Maybe the flip cam we found will have some answers on it. We've been charging the battery and will start watching it after morning chores.

07:04 AM #
The local anti-zombie patrol is done, fences have been checked, breakfast (stale oatmeal with fresh apples and cinnamon) has been eaten...

07:07 AM #
Now we're going to settle in around the tiny video screen on the flip cam we found and see what it recorded. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:30 AM #
Wow, this flip cam is full of interesting video. Apparently, it belonged to an anchor at @WAOW and was lent to a intern interviewee on Z-day

07:33 AM #
Everything on the flip cam was recorded by a young broadcast journalism student named Anna, in Wausau to apply for an internship at WAOW Ch9

07:36 AM #
I'm going to transcribe some highlights as we watch the video. It starts out with Anna, driving in her car... #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:39 AM #
She described how she came in for her 8:30 AM interview, which was cut short by news of a major construction accident on the interstate.

07:42 AM #
She said it was exciting, watching everyone scramble to cover the breaking news from every angle. She said she asked if she could help...

07:45 AM #
And they put her to work monitoring other Wausau TV stations' coverage, including WGON's @CarlPhillipsTV, my friend, who was on the scene.

07:48 AM #
Anna describes Carl's reporting via Twitter, and how she started following him directly and looking for other tweets from the traffic jam...

07:51 AM #
She said there was confusion, especially when reports of 911 calls from the traffic jam several miles south of the accident site came in.

07:54 AM #
Those calls described crazy people attacking cars. Reports of injuries soon followed. Then the cell towers and 911 itself became overloaded.

07:57 AM #
Soon, Anna's Twitter monitoring proved valuable--those short bursts of text made it through the clogged towers when voice calls couldn't.

08:01 AM #
She said she tried a geo-targeted Twitter search and saw strange tweets from...this is getting surreal...ME. And also from @ProfPierson.

08:03 AM #
Anna described @CarlPhillipsTV's sudden silence, then watching live feed from the @WAOW news van, shooting north from atop an overpass...

08:06 AM #
She said the video showed people running south from the accident site, abandoning their trapped cars, fleeing in headlong panic...pursued...

08:09 AM #
Shortly after noon, the camera caught the fleeting image of a man, covered in blood, dragging down a fleeing woman from behind, biting...

08:12 AM #
Then the live feed showed people running up the ramps from the highway, and the increasing number of bloody pursuers following...

08:15 AM #
That's when Anna said the reporter at the @WAOW van said they were relocating to a safer place. She watched WGON's live chopper coverage...

08:18 AM #
And she said WGON was the first to use the word "zombies" to describe the growing crowd of attackers radiating out from the accident site.

08:21 AM #
Anna said WGON reported a 2nd group of attackers near mile marker 187 on I39. Soon, only she and an anchor were left in the news room.

08:24 AM #
The camera battery is dead. Looks like it doesn't hold much charge after 2 years of temperature extremes. We'll charge it up again. #zombies

09:02 AM #
The flip cam is taking a charge. Until it is full, we're helping Shawn make repairs to his duck's anti-zombie armor & a broken prop.

12:11 PM #
The flip cam is charged up again, so we're going to watch more video while we finish lunch: squirrel soup. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:14 PM #
Anna is still in her car, talking to the camera on the seat beside her. Occasionally she holds it up to record something she drives past...

12:17 PM #
She said one of their reporters saw a car hit a power pole when the driver was attacked by an infected passenger...

12:20 PM #
Similar occurrences around the city led to cascading power failures, fires, and blocked traffic. She said landlines went out around then.

12:23 PM #
She said they re-broadcasted @ProfPierson's "remove the head or destroy the brain" guidance, though few in town had power to get the message

12:26 PM #
She said both she & the @WAOW anchor went quiet when the WGON chopper identified @CarlPhillipsTV's body, moving among the undead horde...

12:29 PM #
Anna's reporting of what happened before she got in her car was interrupted at this point as she drove across a lawn to get around a wreck.

12:32 PM #
She pointed the camera out the window at the 3-car pile-up. Then there was a gasp and a thump before a body careened past the camera...

12:35 PM #
The zombie she hit fell as it spun, then got up to pursue her as she drove away. The camera then showed only floorboards for awhile.

12:55 PM #
Anna's reporting continued, cutting ahead to where she was going and why. She said @WAOW got word of an emergency shelter in Mosinee...

12:58 PM #
The anchor gave Anna her flip cam and told her to go, to get out of town and be safe, to use the camera to report from the refugee center.

01:02 PM #
Anna got silent, then simply pointed the camera out the window & drove, making slow progress. I recognized Grand Avenue, then Business 51...

01:20 PM #
After awhile, Anna's camera showed National Guard vehicles up on I39. She made it past many hazards in the slow snarl of traffic heading out

01:23 PM #
The battery is already drained. This is frustrating...Time to charge it up again. I'll pick up Anna's story when I can. #zompocalypse

02:52 PM #
We won't be able to play more of the flip cam's video until tomorrow. Shawn had to do some welding on the duck, draining the battery arrays.

02:55 PM #
The duck's batteries are very low & the Mosinee group wants to keep a safe minimum charge on their array. The panels will catch up tomorrow.