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wausauloner - Sat Oct 29 2011

05:49 AM #
It will take time for the solar panels to recharge the battery arrays here at the Mosinee group's stronghold and on Shawn's duck...

05:52 AM # a few of us are going to give Shawn's repairs a test drive upriver. We'll recharge the flip cam on my system, then return. #zombies

06:36 AM #
It's a good thing we came back to my base today. In the days we've been gone, some zombies got tangled in the highway fence and it gave way.

08:38 AM #
We fixed the fence, and, with Shorty's help, tracked down a few zombies that got through. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:01 AM #
Back in Mosinee and watching more of the flip cam's video. The two-year-old video picks up outside Mosinee High School. Anna is on-camera.

10:04 AM #
She says, "This is Anna Carrera, making my first report for WAOW TV-9. I'm at Mosinee High, a designated shelter for refugees from Wausau."

10:07 AM #
"State trooper, local police and sheriff's deputies, and even national guard troops are here and on nearby roads, providing a safe refuge."

10:10 AM #
"I can report that the undead swarm heading south on the interstate is being held off by National Guard troops behind concrete barricades."

10:20 AM #
Anna went on to repeat what officials there told her--that the outbreak was under control and confined to the Wausau metro area. #zombies

11:01 AM #
Anna's report continues: "I'm at Mosinee Elmentary, the gathering place for a militia made up mostly of armed civilians volunteers..."

11:04 AM #
"Preparations continue as these brave volunteer fighters nervously wait for law enforcement officers to return from the field to lead them."

11:10 AM #
The next few scenes show Anna trying to get answers about specific details about what's happening in Wausau. Nobody knows for sure.

11:13 AM #
A few of the interviewees look worried. She has long shots of men on radios, trying to get answers to calls to units in and around Wausau.

11:16 AM #
All of us watching this old video remember where we were that day. Some of us saw the dead and undead on the other end of those radios.

11:19 AM #
Anna found a local man who said WAOW was off the air, along with WGON, WSAW, & WFXS. He said the national news nets were repeating old video

11:22 AM #
He said she could use his Internet to upload her story, if she paid him half what the cable stations paid her for the footage. #zompocalypse

11:25 AM #
The flip cam's battery is dead again. It's an integrated battery, so unfortunately we can't power it while it plays or swap in a new one.

12:36 PM #
.@acarrera_waow mean, you're out there? In a Wausau that wasn't overrun by zombies? This parallel worlds stuff is confusing.

03:32 PM #
The tortured flip cam battery charged again. It's not getting any better, but at least it's not getting any worse. More on Anna's reports:

03:35 PM #
It's dark in Anna's next recording, video of cars streaming in from both the east and the west on Main Street, converging on the schools.

03:38 PM #
We can't make out Anna's question, but a uniformed woman directing traffic says, "Too many, too fast. The docs will sort them out inside."

03:41 PM #
The next shot is inside the middle school where Anna films a very harried few doctors treating the walking wounded. She catches a patient...

03:44 PM #
The woman says, "We tried Saint Clare's, but we turned around when we saw some of those things nearby. My kid has a broken leg, but no bite"

03:47 PM #
"They said to keep her still & they'll splint it later. Jenny won't stop crying! I'd go to Point but I'm on E and no station has gas left!"

03:50 PM #
Another patient: "They're out of bandages, meds. It's a farce. All they do is make sure you weren't bit. But I saw people leave the line."

03:57 PM #
The camera moves jerkily in the next scene. Anna is running in the very crowded school hallway. There are shouts and gunshots outside.

04:00 PM #
Anna leaves through a side door and trains the camera on the stopped traffic outside the school fence. Figures with guns surround a car...

04:03 PM #
Holes appear in the glass windows of the car as silhouettes of men lit by headlights shoot at moving shapes in the back seat.

04:06 PM #
Anna moves to her right to get a better angle and catches the driver's door opening, a limp body falling out...a woman inside screaming

04:09 PM #
Two small figures are lunging over the woman's seat from behind, clawing & biting at her ears, neck, face, hands, and arms as she struggles.

04:12 PM #
A third child--no longer a child, of course--mangled by gunshots shattering its small body, slides out from the near side, onto the driver.

04:15 PM #
Anna's camera catches the thing as it bites and tears off the ear of the man on the pavement. Gunshots resume, jolting the thing. #zombies

04:18 PM #
"The head! The head!" can be heard over the din. The shooters don't hear. Finally, a round strikes where it counts and the thing goes still.

04:21 PM #
The woman inside the car stopped screaming at some point. A man walks up close to the other side, calmly shooting the two Zs that are on her

04:24 PM #
It's quiet then, for a bit...then the man shoots the woman in the head, even though she wasn't moving yet. He knew then what we know now.

04:32 PM #
Anna tried to get to the man with the steady hand, but he disappeared into the crowd of people abandoning their cars. More shots...distant.

04:41 PM #
The orderly process at the gates around the grounds broke down as people got inside quickly, any way they could. Anna filmed it all.

04:54 PM #
Anna also filmed the brave defenders of the refugee center, setting up and manning barricades at gaps in the fences surrounding the schools.

04:57 PM #
The flip cam needs to recharge. The battery array here at the Mosinee group's base will charge it overnight. I'll continue in the morning.