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wausauloner - Sun Oct 30 2011

06:45 AM #
Shorty kicked up a rabbit while we were helping patrol for zombies around the Mosinee group's base. I wish it was safe to use a shotgun here

07:44 AM #
Back to the 2-year-old video on the flip cam. Everybody is clustered around the tiny screen, hoping each bit of news isn't the last.

07:47 AM #
The next bit of video shows some very haggard looking people, arriving on foot at one of the guarded entrances to the school grounds.#zombie

07:50 AM #
An older man in the group collapses to the ground just after passing the checkpoint. Immediately, people shy away from him. Some aim guns...

07:53 AM #
But two women with him frantically wave off the armed people..."He's just exhausted!"..."He wasn't bitten!"..."We walked all the way here!"

07:56 AM #
Anna's camera catches the citizen militia harshly interrogating the two women, even the exhausted man. He is forced to strip. #zompocalypse

07:59 AM #
The tension only defuses after the man's entire body is inspected for bites. The women help him away as the militia confront more arrivals.

08:02 AM #
There's a break in the video, then Anna is inside talking to one of the women while the other feeds the man soup from a styrofoam cup.

08:10 AM #
The three of them were all on I39, in separate cars near the end of the traffic jam caused by the construction (and later accident) ahead.

08:13 AM #
With no sign that traffic would begin moving any time soon, they had gotten out of their cars to look at the strange green glow in the sky.

08:16 AM #
They said they soon heard gunshots in the woods to the west (that could have been me, shooting what had been Casper Wilmuth's sons)

08:19 AM #
They said the noise was close, and they turned in time to see the flash of another shot as two men ran from the woods towards the highway.

08:22 AM #
The 2nd man flinched as if hit by the shot (that had to be when I fired at my former friend, @RamonRaquello), the other ran across traffic

08:25 AM #
They saw the first man begin slamming his hands on the windows of cars stuck in the traffic jam. They started running to help...

08:28 AM #
...but just then the second man reached the southbound lane of I39 and was hit by a speeding SUV. Then there were screams...

08:31 AM #
The first man had grabbed hold of a woman through her car's window and had started pulling her out, biting her arms as she struggled.

08:34 AM #
Other drivers nearer the action were out and tried to pull the man off the woman. They quickly became the new focus of his attacks.

08:37 AM #
The woman in the car was bleeding badly, more from broken window glass than the bites. The man Anna interviewed tried to bind her wounds.

08:40 AM #
The struggle outside the woman's car continued, the man's ferocity & animal-like attacks frustrating the bystanders' attempts to subdue him.

08:43 AM #
Meanwhile, a crowd around where Ramon lay broken on the concrete suddenly scattered, except for a man who got too close to the moving corpse

08:46 AM #
Their attention shifted back to the nearer combat when a woman sprayed mace at the bloody man. It didn't affect him, but it did blind others

08:49 AM #
They watched in horror as the bloody man descended upon a teen incapacitated by the spray, biting a terrible hole in the side of his neck...

08:52 AM #
Someone hit the bloody man hard in the head with a tire iron then. But both the woman nearly pulled from her car and the teen were dying.

08:55 AM #
Both the woman and the teen reanimated at about the same time, just minutes later, and soon there were more dying, more dead, more undead...

08:58 AM #
The three Anna interviewed said they abandoned their cars & tried to flag down southbound traffic, but things were getting crazy there, too.

09:01 AM #
When they looked back and saw the number of bloody attackers had doubled and re-doubled again, they started running south. #zompocalypse

09:10 AM #
They described reaching the Cedar Creek exit when the first of several Portage County sheriff's deputy cars sped past on their way north...

09:13 AM #
The three eventually got off the highway, found out about the refugee center, & kept going until they finally arrived to the welcome we saw.

09:19 AM #
The flip cam's battery needs to recharge before we can watch more of Anna's video. Meanwhile, the gravity of the day is settling upon us...

09:22 AM #
Today is the 2nd anniversary of the events recorded on the flip cam. As bad as things are on the video, we know they got much, much worse.

03:08 PM #
Time to watch some more video from the flip cam we found: Anna is interviewing other refugees in the school. Most are Wausau residents.

03:15 PM #
I think Anna is trying to learn more about what happened on the highway, but she's having a hard time finding more people who survived it.

03:20 PM #
Constant themes from the Wausau refugee interviews: chaos and zombie outbreaks spreading as infected survivors succumb to their injuries.

03:30 PM #
Anna keys in on ailing refugees. Most of their injuries are accident-related. Some have health problems complicated by the day's events.

03:40 PM #
Anna keeps asking about bite injuries & where those wounded by the zombies are being cared for. Finally, one person points down a hallway.

03:47 PM #
A break in the video is followed by Anna trying to get into a guarded classroom. She's not allowed in, though the camera shows the interior:

03:50 PM #
It's an art classroom with big tables. Bodies laid out upon them show bloody wounds. All of the corpses have bullet holes, mid-forehead.

03:53 PM #
An officer--looks like regular army? How dd he get to Mosinee so fast?--arrives and...despite her outcry, grabs her camera. #zompocalypse

03:56 PM #
The last thing we hear before the recording stops is Anna saying, "Wait--You're out of place here. Are you in charge? I know some things..."

03:59 PM #
There's another break in the video. When it returns, the video is a fixed image of a file cabinet & a closed door. Anna is in a small office

04:02 PM #
She's with the army officer. From their discussion, it seems Anna showed him some video, then surreptitiously set it to record their meeting

04:05 PM #
Anna and the army officer are both being cagey. He wants to know about what witnesses to the green glow said, she has all kinds of questions

04:08 PM #
He pauses a moment when she asks about @ProfPierson, then says, "Tell me everything you know about him and I'll answer all I can." She does.

04:15 PM #
Anna gets her answers: "The plague has broken containment. Those infected by bites are being...stopped, but we have an unexpected problem."

04:18 PM #
"We've had 3 confirmed cases of reanimation without bites. That is, spontaneous symptoms of the plague after death due to other causes."

04:21 PM #
"The common link these cases share is exposure to the green glow in the sky. It may be the true source of the plague." #zompocalypse

04:24 PM #
"If that is true, there is no one Patient Zero for this event. EVERYONE who traveled on that highway recently or lived nearby is a carrier."

04:27 PM #
"There's no bite mark to look for, no symptoms at all before death. They simply carry the contagion within them harmlessly until they die."

04:30 PM #
"Wausau is doomed. Anyone who lives there is doomed. Thousands who passed through there are doomed and don't know it. We're all doomed now."

04:33 PM #
The flip cam battery, timely as usual, ran dry again. If that officer's words got out, I guess we know where we got our rep as "The Doomed."