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wausauloner - Mon Oct 31 2011

06:33 AM #
Firing up the flip cam again. Everybody is speculating on what the two-year-old video will reveal next. Anna is still talking to the officer

06:36 AM #
Anna: "I was told the Guard stopped the zombies at a roadblock on I39." Officer: "One main wave, yes. I've ordered them to redeploy here."

06:39 AM #
At that moment, the camera catches the door opening. A suited man bursts in, pursued by a soldier telling him he can't go in. ...Arguing...

06:42 AM #
Anna grabs the flip cam during the distraction. The video shows a fleeting image of a dark suit & a flag pin, then...the inside of a pocket?

06:45 AM #
The audio becomes muffled. We don't recognize the suited man's voice, but he's demanding an escort to the airport. Then the recording stops.

06:48 AM #
Now Anna is under a street light, talking into the flip cam. "It's 9:01 PM. I'm waiting for the Guard to arrive via the only clear route."

06:51 AM #
"Before my phone died, Professor Richard Pierson's Twitter feed said he was with the Guard unit fighting on the bridge. They're coming here"

06:54 AM #
Soon, Anna's flip cam shows the convoy arriving. And there! I saw him--It was @ProfPierson! But she is kept away from him. #zompocalypse

06:57 AM #
Anna pursues @ProfPierson through growing crowds. He is escorted to the officer she talked to, who is still arguing with "flag-pin guy."

07:01 AM #
Anna camps outside the administrative office commandeered by the officer, which allows her to film more upper-level military types arriving.

07:03 AM #
"Flag-pin" is kicked out of the office when they go in. Even with his back to the camera, he seems familiar. Can't get a good look at him.

07:06 AM #
The image freezes for a second, then returns. Anna is in a gym packed with refugees, charging the flip cam. "Ran out of juice," she says.

07:09 AM #
"Pierson and the others have been in there for over an hour. Things are quieting down here now...fewer refugees are arriving in the dark."

07:12 AM #
As she said that, she turned the camera to show all the survivors in the packed gym. Some were crying. Some were praying. Most were silent.

07:15 AM #
During the shot, the lights in the gym cut out. People screamed. They flickered back on before a few seconds' alarm could become full panic

07:18 AM #
The next scene is outside. The camera is on an army helicopter, landing on a sports field. @ProfPierson & the 2 upper-level guys get aboard.

07:21 AM #
Another break in the video. The officer & "Flag-Pin" are arguing near the Guard convoy Pierson arrived with. Then the street lights go dark.

07:24 AM #
The lights seem to be off everywhere around the school. This time they don't come back on. Only harsh headlights remain to light the scene.

07:27 AM #
As the sound of the helicopter fades, nearby gunshots can be heard. More than before. Heads turn toward the barricades... #zompocalypse

07:31 AM #
That's all the flip cam will show us for now. I'll relay more video when the battery is charged up. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:01 AM #
The flip cam is back on. Anna is trying to catch all the action as every armed person in sight heads to the perimeter. Spotlights turn on...

10:04 AM #
There are zombies out there in the dark. They're moving in on the refugee center from the east, maybe the south too. Hard to tell on the vid

10:07 AM #
An impressive volume of fire erupts from the guards at the gate and the soldiers & citizen militia backing them up. The zombies fall quickly

10:10 AM #
The officer in charge, however, is displeased. "HEAD SHOTS!" He yells. "Conserve your damn ammo!" He's right of course. #zompocalypse

10:13 AM #
As if to prove the point, Anna goes to the perimeter and films as the spotlights sweep over the corpses. Many are still moving, crawling.

10:16 AM #
Her camera follows a spotlight as each zombie in turn, already mostly blown apart, gets a single shot in the head from a Guardsman's rifle.

10:25 AM #
The gunfire is constant now. Every few seconds there's the pop of a distant weapon somewhere on the perimeter. Armed reserves keep moving.

10:32 AM #
Anna's camera seeks out the officer in charge. It's the loud mouth of "Flag-Pin" that helps her locate him. The two are still arguing.

10:35 AM #
There's an altercation as the officer slaps away Flag-Pin's hand, releasing a handful of cash he held into the random sweep of a headlight.

10:38 AM #
A National Guard radioman from the unit @ProfPierson arrived with gets the officer's attention. The reply is, well, mostly swearing.

10:41 AM #
The officer uses the Guardsman's radio for a minute, then gives orders to him & the other National Guard members nearby. They're moving out.

10:44 AM #
Anna rushes up to a Guardsmen & asks where they're going. "Out into the dark, miss. The effing zombies are effing with the effing airport."

10:47 AM #
"CWA is open?" asks Anna. His reply: "The Prof's got to get out. His helicopter is circling it. His plane's late and the zombies are early."

10:55 AM #
Anna filmed the convoy leaving, their weapon's flashing in the dark. Each burst cut down an almost-human figure in their path. #zompocalypse

11:02 AM #
There's a break in the video before Anna appears on camera again, this time lit by a flashlight inside the dark school gym. "It's 4 AM now."

11:05 AM #
"There's still gunfire outside. Those with guns out there are keeping us safe in here. Many in this sprawling school are actually sleeping."

11:08 AM #
There's a scream coming from elsewhere in the school. Anna continues, "For some, the nightmares have already begun." Another scream...

11:11 AM #
...then a third. This gets Anna's attention, as well as others around her. They head for the hall and find soldiers running in the dark...

11:14 AM #
Feeble lights from dying cell phones and flashlights come on, revealing refugees camped out in every class and hall. The crowd scatters...

11:17 AM #
There's gunfire then inside one of the classrooms. A soldier yells in agony...more shooting...twisted shadows...stray shots ping close...

11:20 AM #
Two of the people beside Anna are cut down by errant gunfire. One is already dead, the other chokes up blood...More yells...more shooting...

11:23 AM #
Anna ducks between lockers for cover, a trophy case shatters across the hall as more bullets zip by in the dark school... #zompocalypse

11:26 AM #
Soldiers retreat past her hiding spot, backing up toward the gym. Anna, brave young woman, is still filming as pursuing zombies lurch by...

11:29 AM #
A soldier slips in the blood of the people shot next to was grabbed by one of them, their dead bodies now animate...

11:32 AM #
The other zombies descend upon the fallen soldier. People are panicking in the dark, running one way, then the other. More zombies appear.

11:35 AM #
Anna, still filming, gets up and runs through the confusion, past the living, the dead, and the undead. Once outside, she yells for help.

11:38 AM #
The flip cam has picked another frustrating time to run out of juice. Give me a few hours and I'll relay some more of the video it holds.

03:31 PM #
The flip cam is charged and ready for more viewing. We have people from every area survivor group watching, taking notes to share later.

03:34 PM #
When the video starts up again, we see wild views of dark, leaf-strewn sidewalks and grass as Anna runs with the flip cam held in one hand.

03:37 PM #
She's not alone. Despite the camera's motion, we can see other people's feet--combat boots, sneakers, socks, business shoes--all running.

03:40 PM #
Anna stops. People run past in every direction. There's more screaming, barked orders, gunfire...She lifts the cam...Back at the east gate.

03:43 PM #
The officer in charge is surrounded by radiomen alternately speaking into their radios, listening to responses, and reporting to him.

03:46 PM #
A woman behind the officer updates a dry erase board, a rough map of the connected Mosinee school buildings and the surrounding area...

03:49 PM #
Anna zooms in as the woman listens to the officer, bows her head a second, then draws a big X through three classrooms in the school.

03:53 PM #
Anna pans across the rest of the map: Major roads and the barricades on them are indicated. The woman draws a big letter Z at the KK barrier

03:56 PM #
Another X goes across another classroom on the map. A line marking a blocked hall is wiped off & moved down the hall, then erased entirely.

03:59 PM #
We hear the officer yell "Fire it up" before Anna turns the camera back to him. A generator roars to life. Lights come on. A PA squawks...

04:02 PM #
The officer speaks into a microphone, wired to the schools' PA systems and big speakers on trucks. "EVACUATE, EVACUATE, ZOMBIES ARE INSIDE."

04:05 PM #

04:15 PM #
The evacuation is impossible to organize. There are thousands of people streaming from the school buildings, some with fresh injuries.

04:18 PM #
Way too soon, the stream of refugees is pursued by lurching, reaching zombies, the fresh, faster kind still unaffected by rigor mortis...

04:21 PM #
Some are shot, but most are only slowed by their desire to feed upon stragglers they catch. The swarm grows as victims begin killing, too.

04:24 PM #
Anna sticks near the officer and films him frequently. He notices her and beckons her forward. But she is knocked down from behind...

04:27 PM #
It was "Flag-Pin," shoving her much smaller frame aside as he again begins accosting the officer. "SHUT UP," yells the officer, packing up.

04:30 PM #
In the island of relative quiet: "You're from Wausau, right?" he says to Flag-Pin. A nod. "You're with me." He turns to Anna. "You too."

04:33 PM #
The officer's escorts form a rear guard, shooting zombies that approach while loading up their trucks. The officer is the last aboard.

04:40 PM #
Anna films out the back of the truck as it pulls away, leaving utter chaos behind. Zombies try to board...They are accurately dispatched.

04:43 PM #
Their trip through Mosinee is slow and halting. From Anna's seat in the dark canvas truck, we can hear the lead vehicle clearing wrecks.

04:46 PM #
An original Mosinee resident here says they're taking too many turns, getting twisted around by blocked streets. On vid: "Where we going?"

04:49 PM #
Another voice, "Next city down. Then another when that place falls. Then the next. We're toast, man." Flag-pin's shadow looms into view...

04:52 PM #
"You said we were going to the airport!" he screams at the officer. Reply: "CWA is overrun. I only said you're with me." Flag-pin sputters.

04:55 PM #
"You're a man who is used to getting what you want. Eventually, you'll find someone who will take what you offer. That makes you dangerous."

04:58 PM #
"The problem is, you're infected. Not by bite, but by being near that green glow in the sky up in Wausau. Without a bite, you look safe..."

05:01 PM #
"...and with your money & influence, you're sure to end up in a safe zone. Then, someday, you'll die, and the contagion will spread again."

05:04 PM #
"I cannot allow that. And it's past time I stop letting you distract me from helping others." With that, he produced a pistol & shot twice.

05:07 PM #
Flag-pin's head snapped back as the face we never quite saw was ruined by the bullets. His body went out the back of the moving truck.

05:10 PM #
The flip cam battery needs a charge. Despite also being of "The Doomed" ourselves, most of us here cheered a little when Flag-Pin bought it

05:13 PM #
It may seem callous, but privileged guys like that will get you killed in the zompocalypse. They're unhelpful and dangerous to have around.