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wausauloner - Tue Nov 01 2011

06:06 AM #
Everybody rushed through morning chores to be able to get right back to the 2-year-old flip cam's video. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:09 AM #
The camera hadn't moved after Flag-Pin's death. The army officer turned to look at Anna, then put away his weapon. "Don't worry," he said.

06:12 AM #
"One: During our talk I learned you were from Utah, weren't near the hot zone, and only just arrived here for an interview yesterday..."

06:15 AM #
"So you're probably not a carrier. And two, until Professor Pierson showed up a little while ago, my job was to keep everyone in the school"

06:18 AM #
"You see, guys like that fellow on the street had decided this place was about to be visited by a few B-52s, to contain the latent infected"

06:21 AM #
"Now that won't happen. Most everyone in this city will still die today, but the smart, the resourceful, the brave, & the lucky will live."

06:24 AM #
"Pierson made the case that we need that type of people here to keep an eye on that glow in the sky. Nobody else will want to be near it."

06:27 AM #
"I disagreed. I think this...event...will also bring out the worst in people. Like it did in that guy on the street behind us...Or in me."

06:30 AM #
"You've held that camera in front of you all day, moving TOWARD trouble when some men holding guns ran AWAY. I think you're the good type."

06:33 AM #
"You're welcome to come with us if you want, or stay here. Where we're going isn't much safer, and will probably get worse. Your call."

06:36 AM #
Before Anna could make her choice, fate made it for her. A car racing through the dark streets collided with the lead vehicle in the convoy.

06:53 AM #
The collision disabled the lead vehicle & blocked the road ahead. The way behind was full of zombies trailing the convoy. The men dismounted

06:56 AM #
They were near a church--St. Paul's, says a Mosinee native here. A flood of zombies, once the faithful who'd taken refuge there, poured out.

06:59 AM #
The army officer led his soldiers in a charge, fighting their way out of the encirclement rather than waiting for it to close. Anna followed

07:02 AM #
They burst through the ring. More zombies ahead. They ran into the dark, driven this way and that, flashes of gunfire revealing their foes.

07:05 AM #
They turned on a quiet side street, and while few zombies were ahead, the crowd behind was growing larger. They were running downhill...

07:08 AM #
Several fell during the running battle. 5 or 6 remained by the time they reached the sewage treatment plant where we found the flip cam.

07:11 AM #
The army officer saw the stout brick buildings of the treatment plant and the high fence around it and ordered two men to break in.

07:14 AM #
But the zombies had followed. They retreated still further down the hill, toward the river, eventually to its inky black edge. #zompocalypse

07:17 AM #
The officer swept his flashlight across the water, stopping at the sight of a zombie from upstream, struggling in the current.

07:20 AM #
He shone the light all around...nothing but woods. And a port-a-potty there for the convenience of fishermen. "Get inside," he told Anna.

07:23 AM #
"Stay in and stay quiet," he said. "We have to kill these & move quickly or we'll bring every zombie for blocks around here. We'll be back."

07:26 AM #
The camera picked up the roar & staccato flash of gunfire through the thin, translucent shell of the port-a-potty, fading as they relocated.

07:29 AM #
We got an hour and a half out of the flip cam's battery. That seems to be all we can expect. Back with more when it recharges. #zompocalypse

10:22 AM #
Back to the flip cam. Anna turned off the cam after a minute or so. When the video continues, it's daytime. She's still in the port-a-potty.

10:25 AM #
All is quiet, very still. We hear a bird. The view shifts...Anna is using the flip cam like a periscope, holding it up to a high vent.

10:28 AM #
The image turns as she rotates the camera, a process repeated at other vents. We see bodies sprawled on pavement, heads shattered. #zombies

10:31 AM #
And then we see several listless zombies wandering here and there. Too close, though none looked interested in the port-a-potty.

10:45 AM #
Anna repeated the periscope trick many times over what looked like 2 days. We saw the hours pass by, a few seconds of footage at a time.

10:48 AM #
Finally her trick revealed no zombies. She left the port-a-potty so quickly that she dropped the flip cam. We're letting the video run.

10:55 AM #
Anna came back, her face wet with river water. She must have been desperate for a drink. She shakes her head "no" and turns off the camera.

10:58 AM #
Anna's in the next scene, holding the flip cam at arm's length. We recognize the inside of the treatment plant where we found the camera.

11:01 AM #
"Well, I made it inside. I found a tree I could climb and dropped over. There were some snacks in a drawer...I'm good for awhile."

11:04 AM #
The shot was short. Another followed. She says she's going to check in less often to conserve battery power for as long as she can. #zombies

11:07 AM #
In the next shot, she is joined by a small group of people that arrived by boat. She describes their plan for getting more survivors out.

11:10 AM #
After a cut in the video, Anna shows off the sign she and the others made, the one we found at the school almost 2 years later--5 days ago.

11:13 AM #
"We got the sign up and got out. It's very bad up there. I still hear shooting now and then so somebody's alive. I'm staying here for them."

11:17 AM #
Anna: "It's been 3 days since Bernard or Ahmad stopped by to see if anybody else made it down here. I'm out of the food they brought me."

11:21 AM #
"I killed one," she says in the next bit of video. It went on for a few seconds more, but that's all she said.

11:24 AM #
The next day, she says she's out of food. "If I don't come back, this is Anna Carrera, signing off for WAOW, Channel 9 news." She laughs.

11:27 AM #
The video ends there. There's nothing more on the camera.

11:59 AM #
Was it the battery? Was she picked up? We don't know anything for sure. Anna could be alive, somewhere. That's what we choose to believe.