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wausauloner - Wed Nov 02 2011

07:25 AM #
After several days of excitement surrounding what could be next on the flip cam we found, today is different. Everyone is listless and down.

07:28 AM #
While we learned a lot about how things fell apart in Mosinee on Z-day from the flip cam, seeing it happen affected us. #zompocalypse

07:31 AM #
I have to admit, I'm more than a little depressed myself.

07:38 AM #
@ChiefRocko It's worldwide. A (previously) working military satellite radio told us that. We also monitor ham radio broadcasts.

03:11 PM #
We spent the day in the duck on and around the Wisconsin River below the Mosinee dams, looking for signs of Bernard, Ahmad, any survivors.

03:14 PM #
We checked out many islands that could have provided a refuge from zombies for awhile, but if anybody used them, floods erased all evidence.