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wausauloner - Sat Nov 05 2011

07:20 AM #
Lucas just arrived from the Farm Colonies. He brought a zombie-trained dog with him, a gift for Shawn before they depart. #zompocalypse

08:12 AM #
Gertie is overdue. She's the volunteer from Fort NTC who's going on the expedition on the duck with Shawn, Lucas, and the dog. #zombies

08:15 AM #
Jason (who I'm still convinced is up to something and never left last night) is playing with the dog Lucas brought. He wants to name him.

08:19 AM #
Shawn's glad to have a dog along . And since he never even named his duck, he's fine with Jason naming the dog. #zombie #zombies

08:24 AM #
The mutt Lucas brought was a pup reclaimed from a feral pack. It's got long reddish brown hair, so I assume it has some Irish Setter in it.

08:40 AM #
Gertie is here. She put a battery and some fuel in a disposable car to get here and had bad luck with a rotted belt. She had to swap cars.

09:11 AM #
Gertie and Lucas have their gear aboard Shawn's duck. They're ready to depart...just waiting on Jason to name the dog. The kid's thinking.

09:15 AM #
Jason gave Shawn a twofer: The dog's name is Chewie (inspired by his penchant for chewing on sticks). He also gave Shawn's duck a name:...

09:17 AM #
The duck is now known as, "The Millennium Mallard." Turns out Jason's dad turned the kid on to Star Wars before he died. #zompocalypse

09:20 AM #
Jason says he was inspired to name the duck when he thought of Chewie's name, that it fits because it gets people in it out of bad spots...

09:23 AM #
Jason, proud of his Star Wars trivia knowledge, has even started calling Shawn "Lando Calrissian." I guess there is a vague resemblance.

02:42 PM #
Shawn & the others checked in using one of the ham radios we installed on the duck--er, the Millennium Mallard. They're safe, near Merrill.

02:45 PM #
I heard three short acknowledging clicks on the prescribed frequency before I added my own. That's all that's safe for us to broadcast.