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wausauloner - Sun Nov 06 2011

08:16 AM #
I'm spending some time today starting my winter greens under the grow lights in my basement. Fresh food is hard to come by, mid-winter.

10:07 AM #
While I've been busy making sure I'll eat well this winter, Jason has been out patrolling the neighborhood for zombies. He found a couple.

10:10 AM #
The kid may be the best natural-born zombie killer around here. I guess living on his own for almost two years taught him some skills.

10:13 AM #
Jason keeps looking over my shoulder as I tap in these updates.

10:16 AM #
For some reason, he is showing more interest in my phone than at any time since he gave it back after stealing it when we first met.

11:40 AM #
Funny thing about Jason & my phone this time: he gets a look at it, then becomes disinterested for awhile. A couple hours later, same thing.