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wausauloner - Mon Nov 07 2011

07:20 AM #
Jason left a badly written note this morning: "Gone petroling 4 zombees." He's still acting strangely, though the note is a nice change.

09:30 AM #
Jason finally came back from his "patrol." I'm skeptical because he's covered in black zombie blood and gore. That was no mere patrol.

09:33 AM #
It's time I get to the bottom of Jason's strange behavior--after I hose all that crud off of him. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:43 AM #
Jason fessed up: He was out on the highway, under The Anomaly. ...It turns out he paid attention to something we talked about on the duck.

10:46 AM #
Remember when, during the trip to and from Point in the duck, I mentioned we were brainstorming communication possibilities? #zompocalypse

10:49 AM #
Well, Jason decided to try out the radical idea we discussed all by himself: He's making his own mini-Anomaly--in a portable 5-gallon pail.

10:52 AM #
Following the theory, he beheaded some zombies, put their still-animate heads in a bucket, stuffed it full with zombie flesh, & capped it.

10:55 AM #
With the bucket sealed, anaerobic decomp would begin. The zombie brains would use the ensuing gelatinous muck as a growth medium...

10:58 AM #
A black lattice of tendrils would grow out from each head, connecting with the others, forming an Anomaly as we've seen before...

11:01 AM #
The mini-Anomaly, like the original, might form a weakness between worlds for communication, but be too weak to do other mischief.

11:04 AM #
I think the idea is crazy because of the risks. We don't know enough about how these Anomalies work. It's mad to intentionally create one!

11:07 AM #
The problem is, Jason set our hypothetical plan into REAL action several days ago. He was only checking on it this morning. #zompocalypse

02:10 PM #
I went to see the pail Jason set out on the highway under The Anomaly. Couldn't get close. His earlier visit stirred up a crowd of zombies.

02:13 PM #
It's going to be dark soon. Tomorrow, I'm going to take a deer rifle up onto Mosinee Hill and shoot some holes in the pail from afar.

11:13 PM #
//error {DARPA Flag=P1} {LOCAL ANOMALY 44.895595,-89.641449}// //SIGNAL ECHO DETECTED// //archive_dump=0// //ident @wausauloner /

11:16 PM #
Oh crap... I had a hunch when I heard my phone go off with hundreds of messages from every old Twitter account in town, including mine...

11:19 PM #
The DARPA monitoring station up on Mosinee Hill, as it has done before, detected a change in The Anomaly and sent out those strange alerts.

11:22 PM #
...Whatever Jason's experiment was going to do... I'm too late to stop it. it's already happening. The question now: What will dawn reveal?