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wausauloner - Tue Nov 08 2011

12:01 AM #
I radioed Kurt & May. Kurt is up on their roof. May is relaying what he's seeing: No apparent change in The Anomaly. Well, that's something.

12:09 AM #
Kurt can't see the highway itself, so he can't tell if there is any strange zombie activity below. We'll get a better look at first light.

05:12 AM #
Jason and Kurt are with me. We're on the west side of the highway, creeping down from Kurt and May's place, through the old Wilmuth farm...

05:15 AM #
Jason feels a little guilty, now that he's heard my fears of what his experiment could cause. Messing with The Anomaly...yeesh!

05:18 AM #
May isn't with us, by the way, because she's in the DARPA automated monitoring station. Kurt has her on an earpiece radio. #zompocalypse

05:21 AM #
She understands the readouts in that place as well as anybody (which isn't much). So far, no signs of trouble since those alert messages.

05:43 AM #
We can see the highway now. If anything, there are fewer zombies there than yesterday. I was afraid we'd have a repeat of the "siren call."

06:02 AM #
The 5-gallon pail containing Jason's Mini-Anomaly experiment is still in the little red wagon Jason used to haul it. I could hit it...

06:05 AM #
Damn. We can't waste this opportunity. If things haven't gone to Hell already, zombie-wise, maybe they won't. We should retrieve the bucket.

06:30 AM #
Using my deer rifle, I've picked off some zombies near the pail. The noise has the rest heading this way. Time to bug out and loop around.

07:33 AM #
We're taking some time to make sure we can get in and out from the site. Kurt and I will run interference so Jason can pull the wagon.

09:51 AM #
We got out OK with the little red wagon, the pail, and the decomposing zombie flesh it contains. Even with three of us, things got messy.

10:15 AM #
According to May, there wasn't so much as a blip on any of the screens May has been watching in the DARPA station that monitors The Anomaly.

11:02 AM #
I'm exhausted. I think I'm just going to stare at this bucket until I fall asleep.

03:33 PM #
Jason woke me up. The pail is glowing. You can just barely see it, but it's definitely there. I'm experiencing a little too much deja vu.

06:32 PM #
We've been watching the 5-gallon pail in the dark for several hours now, talking to pass the time. The green glow is dim, unchanging.

06:35 PM #
Kurt and May, meanwhile, say there's still no sign of anything to be alarmed about on the monitors at the DARPA station. No harm, no foul?

06:38 PM #
If things still seem safe by morning, I'm going to stick the pail in the back of my Tahoe and see if the thing can be useful. #zompocalypse