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wausauloner - Thu Nov 10 2011

09:53 AM #
The roads are passable again. We've got the pail and its unholy contents loaded up and we're heading out to the Farm Colonies. #zompocalypse

09:56 AM #
Specifically, we're going to the Colony's farms farthest to the west where I know my Blackberry is out of range of the primary Anomaly.

09:59 AM #
There's no DARPA relay station there and all the cell towers remain un-powered, so it'll be a good place to test Jason's Mini-Anomaly.

11:58 AM #
Test...test... Am I being received?

12:01 PM #
Ah, good. This thing works! It's distasteful as all get-out to use & drive around with--it really gives me the heebie-jeebies--but it works!

12:04 PM #
I drove out to where I know I had no bars before and saw that I still had one intermittently. I drove around until reception improved...

12:07 PM #
It turns out that if I take the Mini-Anomaly emanating from Jason's experiment right below a cell phone tower, I get one steady bar...

12:10 PM #
The tower I'm next to is unpowered, so I assume signals are moving from my world to this tower's twin in your world via the Mini-Anomaly.

12:13 PM #
@mattress The possibilities are intriguing!

03:21 PM #
Jason and I are out at the main Farm Colony farms. Time to get Pete up to speed with what we've learned. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

05:02 PM #
I checked in with Kurt and May. They're still babysitting the DARPA station. They saw my earlier Tweets when I was out of range!

05:05 PM #
This has important implications for communication: The DARPA monitoring station got my Tweets via towers on the OTHER side of The Anomaly!

05:08 PM #
Theoretically, taking this Mini-Anomaly anywhere in my world where there's a working tower in yours will let my tweets out...and back in.

05:11 PM #
So, not only can I tweet to you from far afield, but anybody we have sitting in the DARPA monitoring station can read them too.

05:41 PM #
Pete has agreed with my assessment. Henceforth, he's going to have somebody on watch in the DARPA station 24/7. Probably an overdue idea.