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wausauloner - Fri Nov 11 2011

06:24 AM #
A 2-man team is on its way to the automated DARPA monitoring station to relieve Kurt and May. I'm going back on the road for more tests.

08:32 AM #
Test, test--testing tower 4. I expect it to work because, unlike at towers 2 and 3, I'm receiving tweets again here. #zombie #zompocalypse

10:43 AM #
Testing tower 8... Successfully, I'll wager. The last one failed, but I saw an error message in French, like at the S.S. Badger's Anomaly.

10:46 AM #
The "weaknesses between worlds" these Anomalies create appear to be between multiple worlds. At least three, if not more. #zompocalypse

10:49 AM #
There's my world, one just like it where the zombies didn't rise, one where the contagion came from, and one where the locals speak French.

10:52 AM #
I wonder if there are other worlds where the zombies rose that might be accessible...dead, silent worlds where there's nobody left to reach.

02:51 PM #
Back at the Farm Colonies. It appears about 1 in 4 tower locations allow communication using the Mini-Anomaly. 25%. Still very helpful.