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wausauloner - Sat Nov 12 2011

07:18 AM #
Sue has a full infirmary today. I'm one of the unlucky ones. The theory is that someone put a bad can or two into the stew last night. Uggh.

08:01 AM #
I'm in no shape to travel until this gets out of my system. Pete is sending out a crew with the Mini-Anamoly and a bunch of phones to test.

09:31 AM #
I'm being peppered with questions about my experiments with Jason's Mini-Anomaly. Everywhere I go. Including when I'm going. Yeesh.

01:43 PM #
Pete stopped by. He said the crew he sent out with the Mini-Anomaly can't get ANY of their phones (or those salvaged from zombies) to work.

01:46 PM #
No cell service, no texting, no tweeting. They tried dozens of phones. Only mine works, and then only texting to "Twitter." #zompocalypse

01:49 PM #
So I guess the "arrangements" @ProfPierson made when this whole zombie uprising started really were unique. But how did they cross worlds?