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wausauloner - Tue Nov 15 2011

05:33 AM #
Today's survey of cell phone towers works counter-clockwise from where we started, veering towards Wisconsin Rapids, then back to Point...

07:07 AM #
Wow, near Wisconsin Rapids, we're finding all kinds of places where our portable "weakness between worlds" lets us get signals through....

07:11 AM #
It looks like we'll have our choice of sites to use for communications whenever we're in cities. We'll map a few and then move on. #zombies

09:01 AM #
Done surveying the edges of Wisconsin Rapids. Lots of zombies in the area. Couldn't avoid one and ran over it. Now my truck stinks. #zombies

10:20 AM #
All the wrecked areas south of the old Wisconsin River riverbed forced us onto some desolate roads. Thump, thump, THUMP (hitting weeds).

10:23 AM #
There are tall, tough weeds growing out of cracks in the pavement all over here. We may be the first to travel this road since Z-day.

01:44 PM #
The UWSP survivors helped us check out many pre-scouted towers in Point. Their escort let us move quickly, worrying less about zombies...

01:47 PM #
They're going to establish a safe house at each working tower for use in emergencies. Now we're checking towers on I39. #zompocalypse

01:53 PM #
If Reapers come, it's one more comm tool they won't have. RT @mattress @WausauLoner what's the point of that if only your phone works there?

01:54 PM #
.@mattress They won't be manning them 24/7, just making sure there's a cleared, secure building with a hidden cache of supplies inside.

02:01 PM #
@mattress Not sure. I know just signing on using my User ID & password from another phone is not enough. How to clone it is also a problem.

02:57 PM #
Back home in Wausau. There were 3 good working cellular tower locations between Point & where I start getting bars from the Wausau Anomaly.

03:21 PM #
@firsthour Tried that the other day and it didn't work. Just like when Jason stole my phone and I tried using my ID and PW from another.