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wausauloner - Wed Nov 16 2011

05:17 AM #
Kurt & May are coming along on today's tower survey. We're heading east, then south to the Amherst enclave to stay the night. #zompocalypse

09:17 AM #
We found one tower that worked in Hatley, another in Wittenberg, where we are now. We're going to take 49 south for awhile. #zompocalypse

11:11 AM #
49 was a bust. We swung west on 66, got no signal in Rosholt or Polonia, but there's a good tower up here on a hill on 10 near Custer.

01:22 PM #
There was a good tower on 10 near Amherst, another half way to Waupaca, and two in Waupaca itself, so far. It's really a mess here. #zombies

02:15 PM #
Nothing in Scandinavia, but I'm standing under a good tower in Iola. Next stop: the survivor enclave north of Amherst. #zombie #zombies