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wausauloner - Thu Nov 17 2011

08:23 AM #
We had a good night with Kurt's parents and the other survivors in the Amherst Commune. There was much excitement over May's pregnancy.

08:23 AM #
Kurt and May are still there. Jason and I have moved on to continue our survey of tower locations. We found one at 161 & 110. #zompocalypse

08:26 AM #
We're going to continue east to check in with the survivors I met there last year about this time. Kurt & May are heading back to Wausau.

08:29 AM #
They're taking a couple of horses back, part of a delayed trade (the Amherst Commune has really concentrated on building livestock herds).

08:32 AM #
The horses are for the Farm Colonies, not Kurt and May. Their home, like mine, is too near too many zombies to be safe for valuable animals.

12:03 PM #
I made contact with the Bear Creek survivors. Boy, were they shocked to see me alive again. I've been sharing stories of last year's journey

12:06 PM #
They led me to several cell phone tower locations. No signal at any until this one. I've decided to stay the night here. #zompocalypse

02:01 PM #
This message is for the observers in the DARPA monitoring station: Tell Pete that Bear Creek wants to be allies. Send envoys. #zompocalypse