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wausauloner - Fri Nov 18 2011

06:03 AM #
I'm waiting for the Farm Colonies' envoys to arrive before Jason and I depart to continue our survey of "near-ish" tower locations. #zombies

06:05 AM #
Until they get here, I'll share some news from the Bear Creek survivors. In the 13 months since I met them, they've been very, very busy.

06:08 AM #
They made a concerted effort last winter to whittle down the zombie population in the area. By spring, Bear Creek was declared clear of Zs!

06:11 AM #
It hasn't stayed that way--zombies keep wandering in from the countryside--but they've stayed vigilant and deal with new Zs as they turn up.

06:14 AM #
They've taken in some refugees from down south so they know about the cannibal gangs / Rapture's Reapers war, mostly from the cannibal side.

06:17 AM #
From what the refugees have shared, the cannibal gangs are afraid of the cholera and other mundane plague zones south and east of here.

06:20 AM #
The Bear Creek survivors think fear of diseases has kept the cannibals away, much like fear of The Anomaly has kept the Reapers from Wausau.

06:23 AM #
Still, they've had some problem with random raiders and have begun fortifying their base. They're going to accelerate those plans now.

09:02 AM #
Envoys from The Farm Colonies, UWSP, & Amherst have proposed details for a mutual defense deal with Bear Creek. This looks promising.

09:05 AM #
Jason and I are heading north in a few minutes to continue our counter-clockwise sweep, scouting out tower locations. #zombie #zompocalypse

10:31 AM #
Found a working tower near Clintonville. One will have to do--too many zombies around to spend much more time here. #zombies #zompocalypse

01:53 PM #
Someone took a shot at us near Marion. We were told there were survivalists near Tigerton that shoot without warning. Could have been them.

01:56 PM #
Heh. "Survivalists." I guess we're all survivalists now. But it seems wrong that when civilization dies, the least civilized live on.

01:59 PM #
We got away with no damage but a hole in the windshield. We're safe now, hidden near a working tower site we found on a rise near Hwy 29.