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wausauloner - Sat Nov 19 2011

05:06 AM #
Back on the road. I'd like to visit other survivors I met along the shore of Lake Michigan last year, but that's not the priority right now.

05:08 AM #
Maybe I can take some longer trips after we complete this "security ring" of near-ish tower locations I can use for emergency communications

08:40 AM #
Last year, during my tour around Wisconsin, I avoided traveling on Hwy. 29. But this is where the cell phone towers are, so here I am.

08:43 AM #
I'm parked directly under a tower near Shawano. Ahead: a major traffic jam that looks well-looted, blocking easy progress. Backtracking...

10:04 AM #
Antigo is a mess. It looks like much of the city burned, was flooded, and then maybe burned again. Only the dead walk the streets. #zombies

10:07 AM #
There's an ad hoc campground of abandoned refugee vehicles on the west side, and many signs of overcrowding and human/zombie fighting here.

10:10 AM #
We found 2 other working tower locations besides this one. There may be more, but we're attracting a tail of undead as we travel. Moving on.

01:51 PM #
We ran into a stretch of "used-up" territory and signs warning travelers away from fortress towns. We took the hint. Now in Rhinelander.

01:54 PM #
I've made contact with Jack & Alan and the other survivors at Camp Tesomas. We're going to spend a safe, secure night there with our friends