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wausauloner - Sun Nov 20 2011

05:54 AM #
As before in Stevens Point, our allies here in Rhinelander are taking us around to some pre-scouted tower locations to see which ones work.

05:57 AM #
It's nice to have armed escorts familiar with the area again, especially in areas I don't know well. They'll be setting up safe houses, too.

09:45 AM #
Hmmm. I have a signal here, but there's no tower in sight. Everyone's looking for a camouflaged tower. It has to be very close. #zombies

09:58 AM #
There's no tower here. We think this must be the site of a cell tower built only recently in a world where these tweets get through...

10:01 AM #
If that tower was built in the last two years, no analog would have been built here for us to find. That's some alternate reality weirdness.

02:20 PM #
We found several tower sites in Rhinelander where the Mini-Anomaly trick works. We'll hit Tomahawk, Eagle River, and Minocqua tomorrow.