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wausauloner - Mon Nov 21 2011

07:39 AM #
Found a good tower site near Tomahawk. Many zombies here. I think a lot of refugees from Madison & Milwaukee tried to take refuge here.

09:59 AM #
Minocqua is another hotbed of zombie activity. The roads are choked with abandoned RVs, towed campers, and overloaded vehicles of all kinds.

10:02 AM #
Thousands of people who had cabins or took annual vacation trips up here must have figured this was the place to ride out the plague.

10:05 AM #
The bounty of the Northwoods might have allowed people living simply to ride out a temporary zombie uprising. But they couldn't & it wasn't.

10:08 AM #
The evidence is in the contents of the abandoned vehicles left behind by waves of survivors turning them upside down for things of value...

10:11 AM #
...The discarded debris includes silverware, china, jewelry boxes, luggage, bank & insurance papers, laptops, TVs, even video game systems.

10:14 AM #
@firsthour Yeah, I don't foresee going into the cannibal gangs' territories any time soon.

10:17 AM #
@emmigeek Sorry to worry you. Fortunately, the Mini-Anomaly/cell tower trick will allow me to check in regularly when I'm away from Wausau.

10:20 AM #
@zombietaster Never saw that, but I did see a naked zombie trying to get out of an icy ditch two winters ago. Sad, comical at the same time.

01:02 PM #
Found a zombie-free tower site near Eagle River. Also made CB contact with Shawn on the Mallard. We're going to rendezvous here tomorrow.