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wausauloner - Tue Nov 22 2011

06:02 AM #
Jason, Shorty, our escort, and I are at the rendezvous site under the cell tower waiting for Shawn and the others on the Millennium Mallard.

06:04 AM #
Our last couple nights' conversations at Camp Tesomas have revolved around the visitor-phobic fortress towns that dot the land east of here.

06:07 AM #
The Tesomas survivors have had a few random contacts with scroungers from the nearest fortress towns. They haven't seemed up to cooperating.

06:10 AM #
Alan and Jack said they think some of those towns might have a few dozen, even a hundred or so survivors in them. But each is an island.

06:13 AM #
Attempts have been made via CB to talk with the fortress towns about zombie news and hazards like raiders. No response but dead air.

06:16 AM #
The Mallard is in sight. I'll pass on a report of their recent travels after we catch up. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:26 AM #
Lately, Shawn has been piloting his zompocalypse-modded Wisconsin Dells tourist duck, The Millennium Mallard, through Northwoods lakes.

07:29 AM #
The duck's mobility let him and his traveling companions safely and quickly scan a lot of waterfront property in areas where roads are few.

07:32 AM #
They found evidence of large numbers of refugees, now absent, unless you count the undead wandering the shores. They also found survivors.

07:35 AM #
Some of them told the duck to keep away with signs and an occasional warning shot. Others were welcoming and wanted to be rescued. #zombies

07:38 AM #
Our people on the duck told them the government wasn't likely to rescue anybody anytime soon. "We're all on our own, together, more or less"

07:41 AM #
The isolated survivors they found were thrilled to find out about places like The Farm Colonies & Fort NTC, horrified by news of The Reapers

07:44 AM #
We're packing up and heading back to Camp Tesomas. Shawn and the others need to resupply the Mallard before heading out again. #zompocalypse