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wausauloner - Thu Nov 24 2011

09:11 AM #
We've arrived in the Farm Colonies for Thanksgiving. I drove the Tahoe down from Camp Tesomas, towing the Mallard on a trailer behind us.

09:14 AM #
While the Mallard is great at getting around in our devastated post-apocalyptic landscape, its speed is limited. Towing it saved us an hour.

09:58 AM #
Shawn is showing off his heavily-modded Wisconsin Dells duck to everyone who comes by. Most here haven't seen it or met him before.

11:05 AM #
Somebody's been rounding up wild turkeys that have survived both zombies & hungry human hunters. There's a sustainable flock here...

11:08 AM #
...They run free within one of the fenced-in farm clusters that make up the Farm Colonies. Plenty enough for everyone to have turkey today.

04:10 PM #
With dinner & a celebration of thanks complete (almost everyone said they were thankful for not being eaten by zombies), it's meeting time.

04:13 PM #
These informal summits tend to happen at all the gatherings these days. People share news, zombie-combat ideas, et cetera... #zompocalypse

04:16 PM #
Right now, Shawn is sharing what he learned traveling around with his duck. Later, I'll describe the results of my Mini-Anomaly experiments.

04:19 PM #
I also intend to bring up the matter of the fortress towns that dot the Northwoods. They could add more weight to our anti-Reaper alliances.