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wausauloner - Sat Nov 26 2011

06:36 AM #
The group meeting to discuss the status of scattered zompocalypse survivor groups in the Northwoods grew substantially overnight. #zombies

06:39 AM #
We're still waiting for a contingent from Camp Tesomas to arrive before we get started. They live up there, and should have some insights.

07:53 AM #
The meeting is back in session. I'll live-tweet updates of what those who have information about the Northwoods situation share with us.

07:56 AM #
We're starting out with the basics: what happened in the immediate aftermath of the zombie outbreak on October 30th, 2009. #zompocalypse

08:15 AM #
The zompocalypse hit the Northwoods in several waves. First, Z-day wounded spread the plague north on 51 as infected refugees fled and died.

08:18 AM #
Merrill, Tomahawk, & Minocqua had major zombie outbreaks in the first 24 hours of the plague's appearance. It spread along other highways...

08:21 AM #
Rhinelander and Eagle River were also hit early. When those cities fell, Camp Tesomas was surrounded by dangerous territory, isolating it.

08:24 AM #
That isolation probably saved Camp Tesomas from the second wave of problems brought on by the zombie uprising: swarms of refugees.

09:02 AM #
We're hearing eyewitness stories about the panicked waves of refugees that began swarming the Northwoods a few days after the zombies rose.

09:05 AM #
The gist of it: by the 3rd or 4th day of the zombie outbreak, streams of people arrived from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, the Twin Cities...

09:08 AM #
The earliest arrivals seemed well-prepared. They came with many supplies & knew their destinations, usually their own vacation properties.

09:11 AM #
By the second full day after the zombies rose, the refugees were less focused on where they were going--as long as it was a remote place.

09:14 AM #
As the days went on and the plague took hold in more populous places, increasing numbers of panicked refugees flowed into the Northwoods.

09:17 AM #
Fuel supplies dwindled. Vehicles were abandoned where their tanks ran dry. Secondary zombie outbreaks popped up in refugee-choked towns...

09:20 AM #
Some towns, like Suring, set up barricades to keep outsiders out, both keeping the infection at bay and hoarding what they had to live on.

09:23 AM #
In Suring & several other areas, locals removed or switched road signs in an attempt to keep refugees from finding them. I saw that myself.

09:42 AM #
A Tesomas couple, formerly from Madison, just described losing their lakeside Northwoods cabin to others who "claimed" it first. #zombies

09:45 AM #
The squatters who had taken over their cabin defended it with gunfire, chasing away the property's rightful owners. #zompocalypse #zombies

09:48 AM #
Others are reporting similar stories, repeated all over the Northwoods, often on a larger scale, as homes & farms were taken & held by force

09:51 AM #
As violence and desperation escalated, roadblocks popped up. Some were run by locals, others by highwaymen. Travelers were preyed upon.

09:54 AM #
Sometimes, refugees got away lucky. They paid a "tax" or entry fee for one night of safety behind the barricades. Others lost all they had.

09:57 AM #
Overpopulated areas tended to fall to zombie outbreaks. Increasingly, survivors found themselves in small clusters, struggling to get by.

10:01 AM #
As the last vestiges of civilization evaporated, some people banded together, cooperating, sometimes for less than noble goals. #zombies

10:50 AM #
Alan and Jack are talking about how traveling raider groups started to become a problem a few months after the zombies rose. #zompocalypse

10:53 AM #
Camp Tesomas fended off more than a dozen armed groups on different occasions. I was there for one such event last fall. #zompocalypse

10:56 AM #
The raiders were chased away most of the time, usually without loss of life on either side. But not always. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:59 AM #
There have been fewer incidents lately. The theory is that constant combat against zombies and humans has reduced the raiders' numbers.

11:02 AM #
However, there is a strong possibility some raiders now live in enclaves taken from weaker survivor groups. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

11:10 AM #
Everyone is comparing notes about places and people of the Northwoods, trying to fill in gaps of what we know from several angles.

12:01 PM #
We've identified several locations where survivors we want to contact might be, or where raiders might be holed up, which we'll avoid.

01:20 PM #
We know the places we want to contact. Now we have to figure out how to safely get their attention and convince them to communicate.