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wausauloner - Sun Nov 27 2011

06:20 AM #
The threat of the Reapers & cannibals to the south is pushing us to find more allies up north. We begin putting our plan into action today.

08:35 AM #
I'm back near Prentice under a cell tower. The Mini-Anomaly is in the back of my truck, so my tweets will get out as long as I'm right here.

08:38 AM #
Kurt, Jason, & a couple others are here too, securing this site, and, later, a place to use as a base for a major zombie-clearing operation.

08:41 AM #
Later today, we'll be joined by at least (we hope) a hundred seasoned zombie fighters from Tesomas, Fort NTC, and the Farm Colonies.

08:44 AM #
Our plan is to clear Prentice, a town at a rural HWY crossroad, of zombies. We'll leave a message behind for other survivor groups to find.

08:47 AM #
By showing that we can clear out a major clot of zombies, we'll give others in the area proof that we have a strong, capable alliance.

08:50 AM #
We hope our message and mass zombie kill will frighten off small predatory groups in the area while giving others reason to make contact.

11:04 AM #
We found an abandoned farm a mile south of Prentice with nearly secure fences. Now to clear out the local zombies and repair the fencing.

11:07 AM #
Update for the monitors at the DARPA station: Rally point is just west of Goetzke Road on Cty C. Follow pre-planned route to avoid zombies.

02:54 PM #
I'm at the tower, briefly, to get this message out: The farm is secure and the rest of the zombie fighters made it to the farm safely.