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wausauloner - Thu Dec 01 2011

05:54 AM #
Today we start going door to door in Prentice proper. 4-person sweeper teams will clear each building of zombies while others watch outside.

05:57 AM #
There are wooded areas behind homes and commercial buildings--many more opportunities for zombies to appear without warning. #zompocalypse

06:01 AM #
So we've got more people waiting for trouble outside than we have going inside buildings after zombies. Gotta be safe. No reason to rush.

09:29 AM #
Some updates while I break for lunch: Six of the newly trained dogs aren't working out. They were bad outside. Even less useful indoors.

09:32 AM #
We're in tight quarters in town with too many zombies about, so the iffy dogs are going to be pulled out and put on guard duty at base camp.

09:35 AM #
Shawn & a team on the Mallard are on the river that runs through town, using the duck to scout the west side and snipe at zombies with bows.

09:38 AM #
He's also trying to get an idea of just how many zombies are in and around the impromptu refugee camp on the western outskirts of Prentice.

01:23 PM #
We lost a man. He was one of the dog handlers. His dog spooked two zombies, backing from one into where another was in some tall grass...

01:26 PM #
It was one of the dogs that wasn't working out, but his handler wanted to keep trying. He lost his life trying to rescue his dog. #zombies

01:29 PM #
I didn't know Charles, the man who died. He was from the Farm Colonies. When he realized he was bitten...he did the right thing. #zombies