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wausauloner - Sun Dec 04 2011

12:32 PM #
Well, that didn't work out like we planned. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:34 PM #
At first, everything went smoothly. We set up on HWY 8 and HWY 13 in a big V with the open end pointing toward the zombies in the camp.

12:37 PM #
The shooters on the ends of the V kept a low profile while those at the point honked horns to get the zombies' attention. The horde came on.

12:40 PM #
The zombies moved slowly, the tide building momentum as the undead throng grew aware of our presence. Our sharpshooters shot first.

12:43 PM #
Their slow, careful fire thinned out the zombies so that when they came close, those that remained fell under a barrage of bullets. #zombies

12:46 PM #
Some got very near--their lurching, irregular motions made it difficult to lead them correctly, and only a head shot put them down for good.

12:49 PM #
I think everything would have kept going smoothly if the weather hadn't turned. We had no idea the storm was coming. First, it rained. Hard.

12:52 PM #
The rain reduced the effectiveness of our shooters with scoped deer rifles, though it was the fog that followed that took them out of action

12:55 PM #
We pulled back the wings of the V when it got hard to see very far. Those who brought two guns switched weapons for close-in work. #zombies

12:58 PM #
Our "slow and careful" plan dictated that we pull out and finish the job another day. We didn't. That decision probably saved us. #zombies

01:02 PM #
We saw the first signs of sleet and figured it would help us, clearing the fog and making it more difficult for the zombies to advance...

01:04 PM #
But as the sleet turned to snow, the fact that we were downing the zombies ahead of us easily meant little when a horde appeared behind us.

01:07 PM #
We were surrounded. Where did they all come from? We hastily moved barriers and vehicles under the overpass and fought from behind them...

01:10 PM #
We knew our gunfire attracted the new zombie horde, but we couldn't stop shooting. There were too many to deal with using quieter means.

01:13 PM #
We shot and shot, half our team shooting while the other half reloaded, cleared jams, or improved our barricades. The zombies kept coming.

01:16 PM #
Snow started to pile up on the growing mounds of downed undead. It slid off when still-animate zombies jostled those above from underneath.

01:19 PM #
The zombies didn't care about the cold and wet. We did. We started fires under the overpass using what debris we could reach. #zompocalypse

01:22 PM #
The zombies thinned. Maybe the snow deadened the noise of our gunfire. Maybe it was just that every zombie in earshot had already showed up.

01:25 PM #
It was dark by the time we switched to bows, bats, & blades to finish off the stragglers. It was a near thing, but we all survived. #zombies

01:28 PM #
The shelter of the overpass & the mounds of the undead protected us from the worst of the cold, wet night. We found more fuel for the fires.

01:31 PM #
Daylight gave us back our edge. We cut our way through a berm of undead flesh & cleared a path out. Everyone is now safe, resting. #zombies