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wausauloner - Tue Dec 06 2011

05:40 AM #
A few zombies wandered in from the NW during yesterday's clean-up work near Prentice. Today, we backtrack them to where they're coming from.

01:53 PM #
This morning we followed the second zombie horde's trail in the snow back into the woods to the NW. After about a mile, we found it...

01:56 PM #
...There had been a large survivor camp deep in the Spring Creek National Wildlife area. Zombies overran it, long ago, swelling their ranks.

01:59 PM #
Our scouts, fixated on the nearby refugee camp and the zombies there, hadn't gone deep enough into the woods to find it. #zompocalypse

02:02 PM #
There were still some zombies there. Mostly ones that couldn't move well because too much of them had been eaten before they reanimated.

02:05 PM #
That kind of thing is something we've seen before: a sure sign that a big horde of zombies overwhelmed their prey quickly.