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wausauloner - Thu Dec 08 2011

05:18 AM #
More salvage work in Prentice today. We still have some zombie bodies to clean up, especially in the encampment out in the wildlife area.

05:21 AM #
We found several serviceable logging trucks. Apparently, they used to be built here in Prentice. We'll load them with salvage to take home.

09:32 AM #
12 new columns of smoke today, including 6 out in the wildlife area at the site of the 2nd refugee camp. We re-killed over 3000 zombies.

09:35 AM #
Several of our people report getting the feeling they were being watched. If anybody is out there, they haven't made contact. #zompocalypse

02:13 PM #
Tomorrow is our last full day in Prentice. We'll leave messages and assistance behind for anybody who shows up here after we leave. #zombies