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wausauloner - Fri Dec 09 2011

05:37 AM #
Our convoy is getting lined up to go. With the roads still bad, our biggest trucks are up front, rigged with salvaged snowplows. #zombies

05:40 AM #
It's strictly a "plow your own roads" world, here in the zompocalypse. We're all going to go to Tesomas, then south to Wausau. Safety first.

05:43 AM #
But before we leave Prentice, we're leaving something behind for those who will follow. Making contact with others was the our purpose here.

08:30 AM #
We've spray-painted messages on the walls of buildings visible at every route into Prentice. The message: "Go to the school" #zompocalypse

08:33 AM #
We cleaned up the school, secured the windows and doors against wandering zombies, and stocked in some dry food, ammo, weapons, and more.

08:36 AM #
Spray painted on the outside walls of the school is an invitation for survivors to use what we've left behind, along with a long message.

08:39 AM #
The message tells visitors that despite the undead, the cultists, the cannibals, and raiders--there is still hope in this world. #zombies

08:42 AM #
It tells how our alliance of scattered survivor groups worked together to clear Prentice of undead, how we'll work together in the future...

08:45 AM #
...How we've successfully resisted the zombies and the worst of surviving humanity...and how that humanity is fractured into small groups.

08:48 AM #
The message ends with an invitation for like-minded survivors to join us--and for predatory survivors to fear us. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:32 AM #
We're heading out. I'm towing a trailer carrying Shawn's duck. This cold snap has ended his exploration of Wisconsin. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:36 AM #
Tweets will be limited to the times when I can get the Mini-Anomaly near another working tower. I will check in when possible. #zompocalypse