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wausauloner - Tue Dec 13 2011

06:13 AM #
Shawn & I spent all of yesterday looking for clues to the whereabouts of his friends. We searched their planned winter compound thoroughly.

06:16 AM #
The compound consisted of a large brick farmhouse and several out buildings, including a converted pole barn that used to be a cheese shop.

06:19 AM #
Before the zombies rose and wrecked civilization, it was a quaint roadside tourist destination. Now it's an empty walled-off fortress.

06:22 AM #
Shawn said they found the place in bad shape. Little of value was left by previous waves of survivors, and a last stand there had gone wrong

06:25 AM #
He and his friends had repaired the perimeter wall, re-killed twenty or so lingering zombies, and cleaned up the mess before moving in.

06:28 AM #
Shawn noticed improvements made to the place in preparation for winter that he hadn't seen before. More proof his friends left suddenly.

06:32 AM #
The only hint as to why they left: three fresh graves. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:34 AM #
We're going to expand our search outward to see if we can figure out which way they went. A big convoy should leave some kind of trail.