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wausauloner - Wed Dec 14 2011

06:23 AM #
The search for Shawn's people continues. We found tire tracks in mud, knocked-down weeds that had grown up in cracks in the road...

06:26 AM #
The problem is, we found those clues on roads all around the place Shawn's people abandoned. There's no single route out clearly indicated.

06:28 AM #
We're going to follow up on a few hunches today. If we don't find out which way they went soon, we'll have to make some hard choices.

01:12 PM #
We checked all the access points that would allow the amphibious craft Shawn's people use onto the Fox River. There were no tracks. #zombies

01:15 PM #
We're just about convinced that his people left the area by land, hauling their ducks and their construction barges away on trailers.

01:18 PM #
If they crossed a bridge on the Fox, there's a chance some contacts I made nearby last year might have seen them. They watch the bridges.

01:21 PM #
We may be pushing our luck, taking a chance that the weather might turn on us, but we're not ready to give up the search yet. #zompocalypse