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wausauloner - Thu Dec 15 2011

10:52 AM #
I took Shawn with me to the bridge over the Fox at Wrightstown. After making sure Shorty and I were visible, we waited. #zompocalypse

10:55 AM #
After about an hour, several people on bicycles appeared on the far side of the bridge. We recognized each other from last year's encounter.

10:58 AM #
Like before, they kept their distance. They were still wary we might be carriers of the plague (the non-zombie kind) that struck the area.

11:02 AM #
That concerned us. Was sickness the reason Shawn's people left? The people we met said they hadn't seen any large groups of survivors lately

11:04 AM #
I took the opportunity to give the bicycle riders an update about what I learned on my travels last year. They listened intently. #zombies

11:07 AM #
I told them about the alliance of survivor groups we've formed to defend ourselves from Reapers, cannibals, & raiders. ..."Not interested."