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wausauloner - Fri Dec 16 2011

06:03 AM #
We've gone from cold and wet (which chills you to the bone), to cold, snow, and wind. We're going through a lot of calories keeping warm.

06:06 AM #
The area around this tower and where we hid the duck is too full of zombies for more than a small fire. We're moving to the empty base.

06:09 AM #
We think it's secure, but not knowing why Shawn's people left makes us doubt it's 100% safe. Anyway, we won't be staying long. #zompocalypse

06:12 AM #
...We're running out of food and fuel. The whole area has been picked clean before us, so all we have is what we brought with us. #zombies

10:28 AM #
@MariStroud This cold is really starting to get to us. Soon we'll have no choice but to give up this search and hole up for winter.

10:31 AM #
We've inventoried our supplies. We have food and water for two men and a dog for two more days, but only enough fuel to get back to Wausau.

10:34 AM #
We're using found bikes to continue our search awhile longer. I left the Mini-Anomaly here so I can check in to maintain communication.

10:37 AM #
Shawn's bike has a milk crate on the back. Mine is towing a toddler carrier. We're trying to collect supplies while we look for clues.

10:40 AM #
So far: no food, no clues, and the only gas we've found was a gallon and a half siphoned little by little from a dozen lawn mowers. #zombies

10:43 AM #
It's cold and slippery weather for bikes, but at least the latter also affects the zombies. As long as we avoid them, we seem safe enough.

01:54 PM #
We found a (mostly) boarded up home. After dispatching the four zombies that were still inside, we decided some of the hoarded food was good