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wausauloner - Sun Dec 18 2011

09:13 AM #
Everything makes sense now. Well, as much as anything in the zompocalypse makes sense...The zombies are currently the least of our worries.

09:16 AM #
The people in that house died of some disease, a more mundane contagion that the greater zombie plague let loose by destroying civilization.

09:19 AM #
The pandemic that swept through this area is still live, still killing. The bodies we found couldn't have been dead more than a month or so.

09:21 AM #
Shawn's people thought the sickness that killed so many here in the Fox Valley had burned itself out...three fresh graves prove otherwise.

09:24 AM #
We dug up those graves this morning. Shawn recognized the bodies of three close friends immediately--all dead of illness, not violence.

09:27 AM #
The rest of Shawn's people must have realized the area was dangerous and left. Shawn's return was overdue...they had to assume he'd died.

09:30 AM #
Wherever they went, they may be carrying the pandemic. We may be, too, even without symptoms--We don't know what it is or what to look for.

09:33 AM #
So, to those watching these messages at the DARPA listening post: Tell our friends that we are quarantining ourselves. Somewhere safer...

09:36 AM #
One last thing... Don't come looking for us. If we are carrying the sickness, it CANNOT get back to the Farm Colonies or our other friends.