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wausauloner - Tue Dec 20 2011

04:56 PM #
We're near Hortonville, taking shelter tonight in a service building attached to a microwave relay tower. I still have the Mini-Anomaly.

04:58 PM #
We just found this cell tower cluster site. The little weakness between worlds the disgusting bucket generates lets my tweets out here.

05:02 PM #
I'm outside under a tower that must coexist in your world. The Mini-Anomaly is so weak, it doesn't work from inside the building. Some news:

05:04 PM #
We spent some time at a quarry north of Appleton, a barren area that we figured to be vermin-free in case the pandemic was carried by fleas.

05:07 PM #
We downed about 30 zombies around the quarry, then bathed in waste oil from a nearby junkyard to make sure we were flea-free. Yeah, gross.

05:10 PM #
We followed up our oil baths with a dip in a stagnant quarry pool, using 14 full bottles of shampoo before rinsing again in a cleaner pond.

05:13 PM #
It was rough on Shawn and me, even in the warmer than expected weather, but Shorty absolutely hated it! Man, is her black coat shiny now!

05:16 PM #
With limited fuel and food for our self-imposed quarantine, we're hoping this place will work for us. We'll search around a bit tomorrow.