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wausauloner - Wed Dec 21 2011

04:12 PM #
We're back in the sturdy brick service building east of Hortonville. We left the Tahoe, trailer, and duck here to recon the area by bicycle.

04:15 PM #
Nearby homes have all been well-looted, probably since the early days of the zombies' rise. It seems unlikely the later pandemic hit here.

04:18 PM #
There was no sign of zompocalypse-era habitation in any of the houses we searched. Bare cupboards were emptied by previous scavengers.

04:21 PM #
Still, we found things we could use: spare clothes (we abandoned everything we'd worn in Appleton) and curtains & towels for extra bedding.

04:24 PM #
A quick dash in and out of Hortonville told us we're probably alone with the undead here. Zombies are plentiful. No signs of fortification.