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wausauloner - Thu Dec 22 2011

03:26 PM #
Back at our temporary home after a day of searching & scrounging. We've been lucky, zombie and weather-wise. We're worried that will change.

03:29 PM #
So far, the number of zombies wandering around out here in the countryside has been low enough to manage easily. We've added some defenses.

03:32 PM #
On the matter of the weather, our biggest fear is prolonged sub-zero temperatures--or maybe a major blizzard. Both are coming, eventually...

03:35 PM #
We hope that winter's worst holds off long enough for our self-imposed quarantine to substantially lower our risk of carrying a bug home.

03:38 PM #
Today's major accomplishments: 1) We rigged up a solar-powered heating system on the duck that will keep our water supply from freezing...

03:41 PM #
...and, 2) We put up three tents inside the brick service building. They're layered, one inside the other, like those old Russian dolls...

03:44 PM #
With crumpled up newspaper filling up the dead space between the layers of tents, the body heat generated by two men & a dog stays inside.