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wausauloner - Fri Dec 23 2011

06:23 AM #
We're going ice fishing today. It may not be safe to eat game here (the pandemic could be carried by fleas), but fish is cool. #zompocalypse

06:26 AM #
Shawn, Shorty, and I are staying together on tasks like this, which could be done by one. Too many zombies make things unsafe for solo work.

06:29 AM #
It might be OK for a man and a dog to travel together, but we only have one dog between us. Shawn lost his during his trip up north.

06:32 AM #
He'd only had the dog, Chewie, for a short time. It was trained to sniff out zombies, but the one that got him was underwater, undetected.

03:32 PM #
We caught enough fish to fill our bellies for several days, extending our stores dramatically. We take what we can get in the #zompocalypse.

03:35 PM #
The ice is thick enough to walk on, if not much more. We'd chop through it with an axe, set our lines, then take care of curious zombies.

03:38 PM #
It would have been a lot easier and more successful if we'd found some proper ice fishing equipment. Our homemade gear worked marginally OK.

03:41 PM #
And of course, constantly having to fight off zombies complicated things. Twice, we had to relocate because they appeared under the ice.