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wausauloner - Sat Dec 24 2011

05:22 AM #
A little bit of fresh snow is the best part of winter in the zompocalypse. It makes it easier to track and dispose of zombies.

05:25 AM #
Shawn, Shorty, & I are going to spend today exploring the outskirts of Hortonville. I've got my bow and spiked bat, Shawn has two machetes.

03:21 PM #
We walked much of the east edge of Hortonville. Too many zombies nearby to linger in any one area long, but we checked out some buildings.

03:24 PM #
We found a box of chocolate Malt-o-Meal in a desk drawer at a rental company. Someone's breakfast stash. We'll get a lot of meals from it.

03:27 PM #
We did find a calendar marked November 7th, 2009--over a week after the zombies first rose in Wausau. The chaos didn't start here right away

03:31 PM #
That's probably why there's so little of value still here. People had time to pack up what they had, clearing the shelves before bugging out

03:33 PM #
But the fact we're finding so many zombies here means a lot of people were here when the town fell. Maybe they hid a big stash of supplies?