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wausauloner - Sun Dec 25 2011

05:41 AM #
Our explorations yesterday stirred up a few local zombies--two followed us back. We found them this morning. Adrenalin for breakfast.

05:44 AM #
We're going to do some more exploring around the edges of Hortonville today. If we find a spot with fewer zombies, we'll venture in deeper.

04:14 PM #
We're back at our temporary base. I've been out here awhile, listening for any zombies that might have followed us back. We saw many today.

04:17 PM #
We got close enough to view several parts of town with binoculars. The zombies seem to be relatively evenly distributed. No ongoing sieges.

04:20 PM #
Shawn and I think that wherever the survivors that were overrun here were, they and their killers have had time to disperse randomly.

04:23 PM #
So, we've been looking around for signs of fortifications or fighting--anything that would give us a clue to the location of a former base.

04:26 PM #
We could really use any food or fuel that might have been left behind when the zombies overran those who took shelter here before us.

04:46 PM #
Got one. Quiet little zombie--used to be a kid in footie pajamas. You have to forget what they were & remember they're all equally deadly.