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wausauloner - Tue Dec 27 2011

05:49 AM #
Another morning without signs of illness, halfway through our self-imposed quarantine. It's possible we weren't exposed. #zompocalypse

05:52 AM #
It's also possible that Shawn and I were healthy enough to resist getting sick in the first place. Compared to most, we're well fed, strong.

05:55 AM #
The pandemic--whatever it was (or were, if it was more than one disease)--swept the Fox Valley after the zombie plague made conditions bad.

05:58 AM #
We heard about starvation, bodies of zombies & the dead unburied, overcrowding, no sanitation or fresh water...perfect pandemic conditions.

06:01 AM #
Here in Hortonville, we appear to be out of the zone hit by the pandemic. The zombie plague took hold here first. #zombies #zompocalypse

03:28 PM #
My turn to sit outside and watch for zombies that might have followed us back from our explorations around Hortonville. None, so far.

03:31 PM #
@powerdroidgirl Many were looted and trashed by desperate addicts within a few weeks of the zombies' rise. I met one that first winter.