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wausauloner - Thu Dec 29 2011

02:56 PM #
Shawn is inside, sharpening his machetes before he stands the late watch for zombie "trailers." He had quite a workout with them today.

02:59 PM #
We encountered a large number of zombies today in a small subdivision. His fighting style, even though he uses blades, is similar to mine...

03:02 PM #
With my spiked metal bat (a gift commissioned with the Colony Farms' budding blacksmith "guild" by a lost friend), I stun 'em, then down 'em

03:05 PM #
Shawn's technique: chop at the zombies' reaching arms first (they always do that), then go for the head or neck when they can't grab at him.

03:08 PM #
Shawn is stronger than I am. He can use the machete in his off hand for the first, defensive chop, then the one in his right for the kill.

03:12 PM #
For all our work today, all we found to eat was a bowl of dusty two-year-old Halloween candy, somehow overlooked in a ransacked house.